Warsaw Kids Film Forum 2018 selection announced

Warsaw Kids Film Forum is delighted to announce the full selection of projects to be presented during the Forum in September. This year we were overwhelmed with 75 applications from 22 different countries from which the 36 projects were chosen to be part of Pitching and Script Exchange sessions.

Filmmakers of the selected projects will have the opportunity to present their work in front of the International and Polish Decision Makers which includes distributors, sales agents,TV broadcasters, producers, film institutes and funds.

This year we have diverse country representation. The selection includes projects from 13 different regions including: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, India, Israel, La-tvia, Macedonia, Netherlands, Poland, RSA, UK and Ukraine. We believe in the high quali-ty of presentations, since among the titles to be pitched there are ones produced by Oscar® winning production company Opus Film from Poland or famous South African Trig-gerfish Animation Studios.

Sessions during the Forum are divided into three groups: Projects in Development, Works in Progress and the new event - Script Exchange. First two will be given a chance for a public pitching in front of Decision Makers. The Script Exchange, in collaboration with Script Fiesta Festival, is an opportunity to present projects by writers and directors, who are looking for a producer. 

Presented projects are competing for four awards:

CeTA Awards - Audiovisual Technology Center (Centrum Technologii Audiowizualnych CeTA) will award 2 projects with production and post production services at CeTA studios for a total amount of PLN 160.000.

EAVE Award - European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs will be granting an invitation to the EAVE Marketing workshop in autumn 2018 in Luxembourg.

The Financing Forum for Kids Content Award - The Financing Forum For Kids Content (Malmö, Sweden). The Forum will award the best pitch by giving the producers an invita-tion to present the project in Malmö in March 2019. 

Below you will find the full selection of projects to be included in Warsaw Kids Film Forum:

Projects in Development:

Babsy, animated feature film, Grupa Smacznego, Poland Bella in the Belly, animated TV series, Animoon, Poland Capitain Nova, live-action feature film, Keplerfilm, Netherlands

Christmas in the jungle, live-action feature film, Locomotive Productions, Latvia The Cosmonaut, live-action feature film, Pistachio Pictures, UK

Detective Bruno, live-action feature film, Shipsboy, Poland Fantasylum, animated feature film, Mizar Films,Poland

The Flying Bear – Return of the Guardian, animated feature film, Badi Badi, Poland The Girl from the future vel. Ignatek, live-action feature film, Opus Film, Poland

The Girl, Who Rides Dragon, documentary film, Calafilm, Germany The Little Odyssey, animated TV series, K-pictures, Czech Republic

Martin and the Forest Secret, live-action film, BFILM.cz s.r.o., Czech Republic The No.1 Car Spotter, animated TV series, Triggerfish, RSA Odo, animated TV series, Letko, Poland

The Raft, live-action film,Dori Media Paran, Israel Ride to Freedom, documentary film, Hakafilms, Poland

The Ring of Life, live-action feature film, Pronto Film, Ukraine

Sparkle, live-action TV series, ANDERTHALB Medienproduktion, Germany Through a Glass, Darkly, live-action feature film, Iron Films, Poland Triple Trouble, live-action feature film, Koi Studio, Poland

Twisted Tales, animated TV series, Institute for Transmedia Design, Slovenia Whizz Kids, animated TV series, Media Resources Management, Ukraine

Young Tesla and the Idea Poachers, live-action feature film, Nukleus film/ Jaako Dobra Produkcija, Croatia

Works in Progress:

Czarny Młyn, live-action feature film, TFP, Poland Government of Children, documentary, Storyscapes, Romania Pot & Nut, animated TV series, Pigeon, Poland

Rosa & Dara and their great summer adventure, animated feature film, Bionaut, Czech Republic

Sky Riders, live-action film, UCM – United Channels Movies, Israel

Script Exchange:

/GEEKGIRLS, transmedia tv series, Leticia Milano, Germany – Exchange with Akadie-mia fur Kindermedien

8 Bit Buddies, live-action tv series, Henning Marquaß, Germany – Exchange with Akadie-mia fur Kindermedien

Fly, feature animation film, Kaś Zawadowicz, Poland Kratlandia, feature live-action, Helen Schasmin, Estonia

Summer Warriors, feature live-action film, Katarzyna Wiśniowska, Poland Teleportation Manual, live-action feature film, Stefan Łazarski, Poland

The Great Sea Serpent, animation feature film, Karolina Niegowska/ Nicolás Reza Gardu-ño Vázquez, Poland

Zobben, feature live-action, Martin Rehbock, Germany

Warsaw Kids Film Forum is an international pitching forum for films and television series aimed at the children’s market. Our goal is to create a meeting place where Eu-ropean professionals can exchange ideas, experiences and develop new content for chil-dren. We want to create a space that will help connecting projects with potential co-pro-ducers, distributors, sales agents, broadcasters and film funds.

Last modified on 05-07-2018