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Programming innovations for MIDPOINT TV Launch 2019

Press releases 2018-08-07

MIDPOINT TV Launch being prepared for 2019 with new additions 

MIDPOINT TV Launch is now open to submissions and preparing for its 2019 edition with a number of new and exciting additions. Evaluating the previous history of the program and presenting its future outline is the Program Coordinator Katarina Tomkova. Read the interview with her here.

MIDPOINT TV Launch presents new development executive training MIDPOINT TV Launch 2019 open for submissions

For the 2019 edition, MIDPOINT TV Launch is presenting a specialized training for so-called development executives. This part of the program is intended to raise a new generation of broadcaster executives and commissioning editors in the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region. Read more here.APPLY FOR MIDPOINT TV LAUNCH 2019 HERE!