Sofia Meetings Coproduction Market Restarts Online


SOFIA: The Coproduction Market which takes place within the 17th edition of the Sofia Meetings, postponed from its initial dates (18-22 March 2020) due to the COVID-19 pandemic, is restarting online.

The new dates for the main Sofia International Film Festival's industry event are now 3 - 8 July 2020. The market will take place a month after the 17th Sofia Meetings’ Works in Progress, held online at Festival Scope on 27 – 31 May 2020.

The 37 projects selected for the Coproduction Market are set in different line-ups for first, second and third films. Twenty five of them will be pitched online, the others will be scheduled for individual meetings. 

The Second Film Projects selection contains six projects, two of them from CEE countries. The Plus Minus One Projects section for first and third films comprises 11 projects, nine of which come from CEE countries and 4 come from Bulgaria.

As it was initially announced, First Film First includes eight projects, six of which come from CEE countries.

The total number of projects in the third Sofia Meetings section Projects in Bank is 12, with 9 of them coming from Bulgaria, one from North Macedonia, one from Italy in partnership with Slovenia and one from Poland.

Over 80 professionals are expected to take part in the first Sofia Meetings online edition.

Projects from CEE Countries:

Second Film Projects:

Nene (Georgia)
Directed by Mariam Khatchvani
Produced by 20 Steps Productions

Sex Cut (Albania, Italy)
Directed by Eno Milkani
Produced by Bunker Film / Lupin Film 

Plus Minus One Projects:

1970 (Serbia, Hungary, Germany, Croatia)
Directed by Darko Lungulov
Produced by Papa Films

Backwoods (Czech Republic)
Directed by Evzenie Brabcova
Produced by BFilm

Bauk (Bulgaria, Serbia)
Directed by Goran Radovanovic
Produced by Premier Studio (Bulgaria), Nama Film (Serbia)

Class 90 (Bulgaria)
Directed by Boiko Boyanov
Produced by Miramar Film

The Herd (Bulgaria)
Directed by Milko Lazarov
Produced by Red Carpet

The Fortune Teller (Bulgaria)
Directed by Svetla Tsotsorkova
Produced by Front Film / Omega Film

The Worker (Bulgaria, Germany)
Directed by Eliza Petkova
Produced by Rohfilm Factory

Projects in Bank

3 Kilograms of Happiness (Bulgaria)
Directed by Zornitsa Sophia
Produced by MQ Pictures

Growing Up (Bulgaria)
Directed by Alexander Lebedevsky
Produced by Zographic Films

Hello (Bulgaria)
Directed by Stephan Komandarev
Produced by Argo Film

Kiril's Luck (Bulgaria)
Directed by Milena Andonova
Produced by Kern Film

Love Land (Poland)
Directed by Viktoria Marinov
Produced by Entertain Pictures

Noir (Bulgaria)
Directed by Ilya Velchev
Produced by Influx Media Group

Sabattier Effect (North Macedonia)
Directed by Eleonora Veninova
Produced by DNF Films

The Lesser Evil (Bulgaria)
Directed by Magdalena Ralcheva
Produced by Geopoly

The Trophy (Bulgaria)
Directed by Andre Chandelle
Produced by Fabrikata Film Production

Triumph (Bulgaria)
Directed by Peter Valchanov, Kristina Grozeva
Produced by Abraxas Film

Via Balkanis (Bulgaria)
Directed by Borislav Mihailovski
Produced by Magic Storylines

First Film First Projects:

Little Trouble Girl (Slovenia)
Directed by Urska Djukic
Produced by Nosorogi

Shipbuilding (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Directed by Zulfikar Filandra
Produced by Realstage

Leave the Door Open (Croatia)
Directed by Judita Gamulin
Produced by Eclectica

Pula (Croatia)
Directed by Andrej Korovljev
Produced by Kinematograf

Windy Days Are Good for Flying (Bulgaria)
Directed by Petar Krumov
Produced by Klas Film

Silvana (Serbia)
Directed by Nikola Zdravkovic