First Cypriot Documentary to Screen in Commercial Theatres

Beloved Days by Constantinos Patsalides Beloved Days by Constantinos Patsalides

NICOSIA: Constantinos Patsalides‘s documentary Beloved Days will be the first domestic documentary to screen in the commercial cinemas of Cyprus starting on 7 April 2016.

Beloved Days looks back to 1970 when the locals to the now Turkish-occupied village of Karmi in Cyprus participated in the shooting of the film Beloved, alongside a Hollywood cast and crew including Raquel Welch and the famous English actor Richard Johnson. The documentary goes back and forth in time to give us a glimpse of the magical times of shooting and the changes in the lives of the same people after the Turkish invasion on the island in 1974.

The 75-minute documentary was written by George Avraam. The research process took four years while filming was completed over two years. The film had its first official premiere during the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival in March 2015. It was also selected to be part of the 31st Alexandria Film Festival for Mediterranean countries. It also screened at the ArtHouse Crouch End in London in December 2015 and February 2016.

The documentary was produced by Walking Around the World in coproduction with the Ministry of Education and Culture, Filmblades, Atlantis and Roll Out Vision Services. The budget was 200,000 EUR.

Production Information:

Walking Around the World
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Nicosia, Cyprus
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Republic of Cyprus - Ministry of Education and Culture
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Atlantis Film Solutions
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Roll Out Vision Services

Director: Constantinos Patsalides
Scriptwriter: George Avraam
DOP: Konstantinos Othonos
Music/ Sound Design: Christina Georgiou
Editor: Kyros Papavassiliou
Sound: Giorgos Potamites
Casting Director: Elena Giorgallou
Research: George Avraam and Constantinos Patsalides
Cast: Thanasis Drakopoulos, Andreas Nicolaides,Haris Euripidou, Giannis Ioannou, Sophocles Comodromos, Richard Johnson, Marcello Gatti , Patrick Curtis, Emilio Lari