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PRODUCTION: American Series Marisa Romanov Preps Shooting in Georgia Featured

Marisa Romanov by Miranda K. Spigener-Sapon Marisa Romanov by Miranda K. Spigener-Sapon

TBILISI: Marisa Romanov, an American series created by Miranda K. Spigener-Sapon and produced by SPT France and Noirtainment for Amazon Prime Video, will be filmed in Georgia and Los Angeles starting around 1 September 2018. It is a beneficiary of the tax incentives scheme.

Miranda K. Spigener Sapon“We have been officially certified by the Georgian Ministry of Economy and the Government of Georgia as one of the first productions to receive Georgia’s new film tax credits/funding. Our production will receive a 20% rebate for the pilot and an additional 2-5% reimbursement and an additional 20% rebate if we get distribution and since our distribution is with Amazon Prime for 10 episodes of season one”, Miranda K. Spigener-Sapon told FNE.

She also said that quite a few episodes past the pilot and episode 2 will require shooting in Georgia, in and around Tbilisi.

Elias Toufexis is in final talks and set to star as the male lead. The rest of the cast is to be announced this summer.Elias Toufexis

The series is a Noirtainment Productions with Jean-Michel Vaussier of SPT France and Gela Suli with Georgia’s Alioni Films, LLC. Pete Freeland from Noirtainment Productions is also executive producing.

The series, a sci-fi/neo-noir story following an American journalist looking for her roots in Georgia, is based on a homonym short film directed by Miranda K. Spigener-Sapon and selected for the Official Short Films selection of the 2001 Venice Film Festival.


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