Sam Neill Shooting Austrian SciFi in Romania

    Sam Neill Shooting Austrian SciFi in Romania Sam Neil

    BUCHAREST: Northern Irish-born New Zealand star Sam Neill is in Romania for the filming of Andrew Goth's quantum theory thriller Deus Ex Machina shooting at MediaPro Studios.

    Meila Kreiling, Tom Payne, Antonia Campbell-Hughes, and Dominique Tipper are starring along with Neill.

    In the script co-written by the director and Joanne Rea, a group of young bio-engineers discovered that the quantum theory can be used to transfer motor skills from one brain to another, but when the mysterious past of one of the group members is revealed, dark forces menace to transform this technology into an instrument of mass control.

    The film is produced by Austria's Terra Mater Factual Studios with the support of the Austrian Film Institute. John Pardue is the DoP. The budget is 15 m EUR. Shooting started in Bucharest on 9 June 2014 and it will wrap on 25 July, with five additional shooting days in Vienna.

    The premiere set for early 2015.

    Shooting took place at MediaPro Studios as well as on location in Bucharest, including the basement of the Parliament's Palace.

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