FNE at Festival of Slovenian Film Portorož 2019: All Against All

    All Against All by Andrej Kosak All Against All by Andrej Kosak photo: Blade Production

    PORTOROŽ: Andrej Košak's fourth feature film All Aginst All / Vsi proti vsem will screen in the competition of the 22nd Festival of Slovenian Film in Portorož (17-22 September 2019). This Slovenian/Macedonian/Croatian coproduction is a political thriller drama set in an imaginary small town under the Alps.

    The film is a story about a society losing morality, where only criminals have a moral code, and it follows a corrupt mayor of an idyllic Slovenian town, who connects with a local criminal in order to put his opponent in the upcoming elections out of race.

    All Against All is an answer to the famous Slovenian drama Kralj na Betajnovi written by Ivan Cankar, a story which is still up to date nowadays”, director Andrej Košak said.

    Well-known Slovenian actor Vlado Novak plays the lead, joined by Silva Čušin, Iva Kranjc Bagola, Aleksandra Balmazović and awarded Macedonian actors Blagoj Veselinov and Milan Tocinovski.

    The film was produced by Zoran Dževerdanović through the Slovenian production company Blade Production in coproduction with Ilija Ciriviri through the Macedonian MIND production, Barbara Vekarič through Croatian MOTION, the Slovenian national broadcaster RTV Slovenija, Studio Ritem and Daiga.

    The project was supported by the Slovenian Film Centre with 430,000 EUR and also by the North Macedonia Film Agency and the Croatian Audiovisual Centre, while Viba Film provided technical support.

    The budget is estimated at 975,000 EUR. "Approximately 62% of the budget is provided by Blade Production, 10% by MIND production, 10% by MOTION, 10% by RTV Slovenia, 6% by Studio Ritem and 2% by Daiga,” producer Zoran Dževerdanović told FNE.

    The seven-week shoot took place in Ljubljana and Kamnik in September 2018. The film will be released in Slovenian cinemas in February 2020.

    Andrej Košak started his career with Outsdier (1996, RTV Slovenija), followed by Headnoise (2002, Novi val) and State of Shock (2012, Vertigo). 

    Production Information:

    Blade Production (Slovenia)
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    MIND Productions (North Macedonia)
    RTV Slovenija (Slovenia)
    MOTION (Croatia)
    Studio Ritem (Slovenia)
    Igralsko društvo Daiga (Slovenia)

    Director: Andrej Košak
    Screenwriter: Andrej Košak
    DoP: Jason Mann
    Editor: Martin Ivanov
    Production designer: Sanja Vatić
    Costume designer: Suzana Tkalčec, Ines Atman
    Makeup: Lija Ivanić
    Composer: Kristian Sensini
    Cast: Vlado Novak, Silva Čušin, Iva Kranjc Bagola, Aleksandra Balmazović, Valter Dragan, Peter Musevski, Blagoj Veselinov, Milan Tocinovski