FESTIVALS: Paphos IFF Brings Shorts and Docs to Cyprus


NICOSIA: The second annual Paphos International Film Festival (PIFF), which runs 16-18 June 2017, will screen short films and documentaries from around the world, as well as run workshops, master classes and lectures by film professionals in the Mediterranean coastal city of Paphos.

The selection includes national and international films of up to 20 minutes long and student national and international films of up to 15 minutes long. Five Cyprus shorts and documentaries have been selected to screen at the festival.

This year’s festival is dedicated to the memory of the artist and friend of the festival Costas Economou (1925-2016), whose major influence on art extended well beyond the city of Paphos and across many generations of artists.

The festival is organised by photographer Nicolas Iordanou and director and producer Sylvia Nicolaides.

All films will have English subtitles.

The complete list films screened at the festival follows:

Cyprus Short Films/ Documentaries

Directed by Peter Stephanou

Directed by Andreas Sheittanis

The Midnight Shift
Directed by Andreas Kyriacou

Out of Sight
Directed by Christina & David Hands

Time Flies
Directed by Marios Lizides

International Films/ Documentaries

Inner Me (Italy, Congo)
Directed by Antonio Spanò

The Challenge (Denmark)
Directed by Poul Erik Madsen

Nobody Dies Here (France, Benin)
Directed by Simon Panay

Icarus (U.S.A)
Directed by Tom Teller

The Maltese Fighter (Malta)
Directed by Arev Manoukian

Deusa (Brazil)
Directed by Bruna Callegari

Mattia Can Fly (Italy)
Directed by Alessandro Porzio

Hope City (Australia)
Directed by Thomas Baricevic

Game Night (Netherlands)
Directed by Jan van Gorkum

I Was Only 14 (Netherlands, Belgium, France)
Directed by Froukje van Wengerden

Phantom Limb (Greece)
Directed by Michael Felanis

The Bouquet (France, Belgium)
Directed by Julien Segard and Romain Carciofo

Stuck (Netherlands)
Directed by Mathijs Geijskes

RINGO ROCKET STAR and His Song for Yuri Gagarin (Netherlands, Serbia)
Directed by Rene Nuijens

The Hug (Spain)
Directed by Iñaki Sánchez Arrieta

Transit (Germany)
Directed by Oliver Kracht

Hope ST (U.S.A)
Directed by Elias Ressegatti

911 – Pizza (France, Belgium)
Directed by Elefterios Zacharopoulos

FERRUCCIO Story of a (Little) Robot (Italy)
Directed by Stefano De Felici

Student Films / Documentaries

Mother River (Estonia)
Directed by Priit Põhjala

Samira (Germany)
Directed by Charlotte A. Rolfes

Fabijan (Croatia)
Directed by Lovro Mrden

Happy Without Money (Germany)
Directed by Mahyar Hamidian

Strange Bird (Belgium)
Directed by Anouk Fortunier

Gardeners of the Forest (U.S.A, Turkey, Laos)
Directed by Ceylan Carhoglu and Nicole Jordan-Webber

Mary (Russia)
Directed by Grigory Kolomytsev

Yahrzeit (Germany)
Directed by Thomas Eggel

The Chicken of Wuzuh (Korea)
Directed by Sungbin BYUN

Where Have You Been (Germany)
Directed by Katja Benrath

Maman and the Ocean (Germany)
Directed by David Wagner

Snow (Greenland)
Directed by Nivi Pedersen

Grandma’s Odd World (Denmark)
Directed by Jakob Mork

Special Theme / Films About Art

Dioni (Greece)
Directed by Thanos Psichogios

Sama / Dance (Iraq)
Directed by Mazin M Sherabayani

Steps (Hungary)
Directed by Nicola Stephanie Sangs

Sweeper’s Pride (Germany)
Directed by Matthias Koßmehl

After the Play (Germany)
Directed by Aline Chukwuedo