FESTIVALS: MIDPOINT TV Launch and Script Pool Present 14 Projects at Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event


TALLINN: Industry@Tallinn &; Baltic Event, taking place 23 - 27 November 2020, is presenting 14 TV and drama series projects in development. Five are participating in the Script Pool TV competition, and nine take part in the MIDPOINT TV Launch 2020 3rd workshop.

Marge Liiske, Head of Industry@Tallin &;Baltic Event, noted that in 2020 the demand for content has increased significantly, and TV drama series are now a natural part of many film industry events. “I am thrilled that together with MIDPOINT TV Launch, we have several new drama series projects from Europe onboard. In addition to the public pitching, we offer them a platform to set up one-to-one meetings with our industry guests, in order for them to find collaboration partners to proceed with their projects,” she said.

MIDPOINT TV Launch has partnered with Industry@Tallinn &; Baltic Event since 2018, on its "idea-to-market" series project development programme for creative teams of emerging professionals primarily from the Central and Eastern European region. Industry@Tallinn &; Baltic Event is hosting the third and final workshop of MIDPOINT TV Launch 2020.  
“During the last week in November, the participants of MIDPOINT TV Launch will be encouraged to explore the rich programme of the Industry@Tallinn &; Baltic Event, use the platform to network, and for the first time, present their projects at an industry event and market. The highlight of this third session is understandably the pitching of the graduating projects, followed by one-to-one meetings with the industry professionals and decision makers invited to the event,” Katarina Tomkova, Program Coordinator at MIDPOINT commented. “The HBO Europe Award of 5,000 USD will be granted to the Best Project at the Industry@Tallinn &; Baltic Event award ceremony.”
In addition, the MIDPOINT Institute will bring several panel discussions and events to the programme.

Script Pool Tallinn, an international script competition taking place for the 4th time in 2020, has projects from Poland, Italy, North Macedonia, and Estonia, and a coproduction from Latvia and Lithuania.
The Manager of Script Pool Tallinn, Triin Tramberg, said: “This year’s selection stands out, because while keeping our competition international, we see an increasing demand from regional series to take part at Script Pool. For the first time we have two Baltic projects in the competition, bringing a spotlight to the region.”

Script Pool Tallinn will hand out its main award of 5,000 EUR to two writer-producer teams: one for outstanding script in film and one in the TV series category.

MIDPOINT TV Launch 2020 participating projects

Afterparty (Croatia)
Writer Dora Sustic
Producer Maja Pek-Bruenjes

Agents (Serbia)
Writer Gvozden Djuric
Producer/director Uros Tomic

Hotel Intercontinental (Hungary)
Writers Andras Voros and Peter Akar
Producer Laszlo Dreissiger

Hugo & Co. (Czech Republic)
Writer Tomas Plhon
Producer Gordon Lovitt

Lazlo (Latvia)
Writers Ermins Baltais and Kristina Martinuka
Producer Aija Berzina

Black Square (Ukraine)
Writer/director Daria Onyshchenko
Writer/producer Anna Palenchuk

The Red Princess (Czech Republic)
Writer Barbora Namerova
Producer Milos Lochman

Neighbors (Ukraine)
Writer/producer Alexandra Tkachenko
Writer/producer Marina Chikalovets

Nostros (Greece)
Writer Stavros Pamballis  
Writer/producer Christos V. Konstantakopoulos
Script Pool TV selected projects in 2020

Red Orchestra (Poland)
Scriptwriters Wiktor Piątkowski, Joanna Niczyj, Robert Gucman
Bahama Films

#Malamamma - The Dark Side of Motherhood (Italy)
Scriptwriters Eva Milella, Nicola Ravera Rafele
Tico Film Company Srl

Wandering Souls (Latvia, Lithuania)
Scriptwriters and directors Raitis Abele, Lauris Abele
Tritone Studio

When You Fall (North Macedonia)
Scriptwriter Biljana Crvenkovska
OXO Production (OXO)

Who Shot Otto Mueller? (Estonia)
Scriptwriter Birk Rohelend
Director Ain Mäeots
Cuba Films