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Searching for Hell, World's First Long Documentary Screened in Virtual Reality Cinema Featured


WARSAW: Searching for Hell, directed by Pawel Nazaruk &Tomasz Adamski, Darek Barecki, Yuki Nakamura, Gloria Kurnik and James Kenney has become the first long documentary film screened and distributed in Virtual Reality Cinema. 

The project is penned by Pawel Nazaruk who elaborated the original concept and is the executive producer. Searching for Hell is a production of Poland’s Filmmakers PondDogfilm Studio. The film tries to understand what Hell is today in different parts of the world (Russia, USA, Japan, Indonesia and Congo) through five different stories made by five different teams.

Searching for Hell debuted during Virtual Reality Days at Open City Documentary festival in London as the first feature documentary film in Virtual Reality Cinema, setting up a new standard in independent film distribution. The film is now available worldwide exclusively in Virtual Reality Cinema CINEVEO until 1 October 2015.

Cineveo is a virtual reality cinema application for watching 2D & 3D videos with the Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard in amazing virtual reality environments.

On 17 June 2015 CINEVEO -Virtual Reality Cinema announced that it would expand its platform to become the world's first real movie theater in virtual reality with “exclusive feature film content” provided by international filmmakers. Each feature film would be distributed inside a separate CINEVEO Android app and available on Google Play! To watch a feature film, one can purchase the application just like a normal movie ticket.

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