PRODUCTION: Polish Minority Coproduction on Mostafa Derkaoui in Postproduction

Freely, Mostafa Derkaoui by Sophie Delvallée Freely, Mostafa Derkaoui by Sophie Delvallée

WARSAW: The documentary Freely, Mostafa Derkaoui / Librement, Mostafa Derkaoui by Sophie Delvallée, a coproduction between France, Morocco and Poland, is in its final stage of postproduction.

The doc brings the Moroccan director Mostafa Derkaoui back to his film school in Poland 40 years later. This journey is an opportunity for him to look back to the freedom of creation he experienced there.

Freely, Mostafa Derkaoui is an international coproduction between France’s Kaleo Films, Morocco’s Abel Aflam and Poland’s Entertain Pictures. The project is supported by the French CNC, the Polish Film Institute, 2M TV Maroc, Lyon Capitale, Région Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur, Région Ile de France,  CCM, Procirep-angoa, Scam's Brouillon d'un rêve, Sacem 's original music support and Région Rhône-Alpes Auvergne.

The prolific Moroccan director Mostafa Derkaoui, who studied in the Lodz Film School in the late 60’s, will come to Berlinale 2019, where his debut feature About Some Meaningless Events (1974) will screen in the Forum section.

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Production Information:

Kaleo Films (France)
Abel Aflam (Morocco)
Entertain Pictures (Poland)

Director: Sophie Delvallée
With Mostafa Derkaoui