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PRODUCTION: Juraj Jakubisko Plans Sequel to The Feather Fairy Featured

Perinbaba (1985) by Juraj Jakubisko Perinbaba (1985) by Juraj Jakubisko

PRAGUE/BRATISLAVA: Juraj Jakubisko is planning a sequel to his popular Christmas fairy tale The Feather Fairy / Perinbaba (1985), which he will produce through his company Jakubisko Film.

The love story between Alžbětka and Jakub, challenged by a calculating step mother, is well-known among many generations of viewers and not only in Slovakia. The lovers are watched and protected by a kind fairy, Perinbaba, who will this time concentrate on protecting their son Lukas, who becomes the main character of the sequel. Juraj Jakubisko wrote the script.

As two main actresses of the original Perinbaba (SFT Koliba), Giullietta Masina (who played the Perinbaba) and Valeria Kaplanová, are dead, Juraj Jakubisko decided to “revive” them for the second part by using modern digital technology.

The rest of the cast will be international, with Polish and German actors next to Czech and Slovak. Casting and location scouting has already started and the shooting is planned for 2017, although since it depends on snow and the weather some shooting might start earlier in autumn or winter of 2016.

Production Information:

J &J Jakubisko Film Europe Se
Vodičkova 36, 116 02 Prague 1
Czech Republic

J &J Jakubisko Film Europe SR, s.r.o.
Panenská 8, 811 03 Bratislava
Office phone: +420 296 23 65 00
Phone/Fax : +420 296 23 63 82
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Director: Juraj Jakubisko
Scriptwriter: Juraj Jakubisko



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