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PRODUCTION: Petr Jákl Preps Big Budget Jan Žižka Featured

Petr Jákl Petr Jákl

PRAGUE: Director/producer/screenwriter Petr Jákl is preparing a historic epic film about one of the most important personalities in the Czech history, Bohemia’s greatest warrior Jan Žižka of Trocnov. Expected to be the most expensive project in the history of Czech cinema, Jan Žižka is slated to be shot in 2017-2018..

The film about the power of passion, revenge and the meaning of the struggle for justice, will take us back to the period that preceded the outburst of Hussite fanaticism.

Petr Jákl´s company JBJ films is producing. Jákl didn’t disclose the budget, but suggested that the film will cost more than the most expensive Czech film to date, Juraj Jakubisko´s Bathory (JakubiskoFilm, 2008), which had a budget of 12,137,521 EUR / 328 m CZK.

“A film about Jan Žižka, who is one of the seven never defeated warriors of all time, will be interesting for the whole world. It has the potential to address the masses and to promote the beauty of our country and history, "Jakl said in a press release.

American film agency William Morris Endeavour (previously involved in successful Hollywood projects like The Wolf of Wall Street, Kill Bill, or Inglorious Basterds) is also involved in the project.

The film will be in Czech and English, but it will be shot exclusively in the Czech Republic, so the money for production will be spent in Czech regions and mostly by Czech companies. Jákl plans to use many Czech actors and he also started recruiting people who practice martial arts, fencing or horseback riding, as well as hundreds of extras - fighters and combatants, including children combatants with slingshots.

Jákl, who previously directed and produced through JBJ films, Ghoul and Kajínek, promises that Jan Žižka will be monumental, full of action and special effects.

Production Information
J B J Film
Bítovská 1227
140 00 Prague 4
Czech Republic
Mobile phone: +420 777 830 004
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Director: Petr Jákl
Screenplay: Petr Ják, based on a previous screenplay by Marek Dobeš and Michal Petruš
Story: Kevin Bernhardt
Collaboration on the script: Petr Bok
Script Editor: Ivo Trajkov, Tomáš Feřtek
Historical adviser: Prof. Jaroslav Čechura


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