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FNE at 2018 Finále Plzeň: The Third Wish Featured

The Third Wish by Vít Karas The Third Wish by Vít Karas photo: Czech Film Center

PLZEN: The Czech/Slovak Christmas comedy The Third Wish / Přání k mání by Vít Karas will screen at the 31st edition of Finále Plzeň Film Festival. The most important Czech national film festival, presenting contemporary Czech and Slovak audiovisual production, will be held from 19 to 24 April 2018.

The film is a kindly, mischievous and humorous story about the troubles of a lovesick teenager called Albert, which takes place in a twinkling pre-Christmas spa town lorded over by a renowned international hotel belonging to a somewhat self-centered hotelier by the name of Bosák. Albert, whose parents perform in the hotel’s magic show, loves Joanne, his best friend Eman’s sister. Joanne, who prefers to be called Jo-Ann, has no time for Albert and like other girls in town is head over heels in love with the school’s heartbreaker, Bosák junior.

The film was produced by Jan Maxa from the Czech Television and coproduced by Promea Communication and Markíza Slovakia. The Slovak Audiovisual Fund supported the project.

The film debuted in the third place of the Czech box office in early December 2017. It stayed in the top 20 for four weeks, taking in 5.5 M CZK and 55,000 admissions by the end of 2017, distributed by Bontonfilm.

Production information:

Česká televize
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Markíza Slovakia


Director: Vít Karas
Screenwriter: Miroslav Adamec, Vít Karas
Cast: Filip Antonio, Lukáš Březina, Jitka Čadek Čvančarová, Martin Myšička, Michaela Pecháčková, Vítězslav Jandák, Jan Maršál, Ivan Romančík, Jan Vondráček, Simona Babčáková, Milan Šteindler, Zuzana Onufráková


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