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FNE at Finale Plzen: Angels Featured

Angels by Alice Nellis Angels by Alice Nellis

PLZEN: Angels by Alice Nellis, one of many adaptations of Michal Viewegh´s books, was released by its Czech distributor CineMart in October 2014. The film will be screened within the 28th edition of Finale Plzen running from 26 April to 2 May 2015.

The film focuses on ordinary people: a recently widowed young doctor, a school canteen cook and her son, a driving instructor and his wife. Since some of these people are living the last day of their lives, they are accompanied by angels, who cannot interfere openly in the people’s lives, but are trying to help them.

Several popular Czech and Slovak actors are starring, including Boleslav Polivka, Vojtěch Dyk, Marián Labuda and Klára Melíšková, who was nominated for the Czech Lion for best supporting actress. Matěj Cibulka is the DoP.

Angels / Andělé všedního dne was produced by Rudolf Bierman through Infilm in coproduction with the Czech Television. The State Cinematography Fund was supporting.

Production Information:

Žitná 23
110 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic
Phone: +420 222 515 357
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Česká Televize
Kavčí hory
140 70 Prague 4, Czech Republic
Phone:+420 261 131 111
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Director: Alice Nellis
Screenwriters: Michal Viewegh, Alice Nellis
DoP: Matěj Cibulka
Cast:  Marián Labuda, Vojtěch Dyk, Vladimír Javorský, Eliška Křenková, Boleslav Polívka, Zuzana Bydžovská, Klára Melíšková, Václav Neužil, Zuzana Kronerová, Ondřej Sokol



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