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FNE at Finale Plzen: Three Brothers Featured

Three Brothers by Jan Svěrák Three Brothers by Jan Svěrák

PLZEN: Jan Svěrák’s musical fairytale Three Brothers, a Czech/Danish coproduction which had the highest cinema attendance in Czech cinemas in 2014, will be screened within the 28th edition of Finale Plzen running from 26 April to 2 May 2015.

Oscar winner Jan Svěrák’s fairytale is based on a script written by his father Zdeněk Svěrák, who incorporated in it music and texts from children's operettas which he had written together with Jaroslav Uhlíř for the Czech National Theatre.

The simple, classic story, which appeals both to children and adults, follows three brothers as they leave their farmhouse and travel the world with the desire to get rid of their bad behaviour. Vojtěch Dyk, Tomáš Klus and Zdeněk Piškula play the lead roles. The film brought in major talents such as the DoP Vladimír Smutný, costume designer Simona Rybáková and set designer Jan Vlasák.

Three Brothers / Tři bratři was produced by Biograf Jan Svěrák in coproduction with the Danish company Phoenix Film Investments, with a budget of approximately 1.5 m EUR /40 m CZK. It was supported with a production grant of 115,562 EUR by the State Cinematography Fund.

Released by Bioscop in August 2014, Three Brothers reached the highest cinema attendance in 2014, over 661 000 admissions. International sales are handled by the British company Portobello Pictures. The film received three Czech Lions, for art direction, make up and costume design.

Production Information:

Biograf Jan Svěrák
Pod Svahem 7
14700 Praha 4
Czech Republic

Phone: +420 244 468 100
Fax: +420 244 467 094
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Director: Jan Svěrák
Scriptwriter: Zdeněk Svěrák
DoP: Vladimír Smutný
Cast:Vojtěch Dyk, Tomáš Klus, Zdeněk Piškula, Jiří Lábus, Zuzana Norisová, David Matásek
Ivana Chýlková, Oldřich Kaiser, Zdeněk Svěrák


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