FNE TV: MEP Bogdan Wenta Member of the EU committee on Culture and Education Bulgarian National Film Archive Joins Cultural Protests over Funding Francis Gary Powers jr Attends Bridge of Spies Preview in Prague PRODUCTION: Mariam Khatchvani Shoots Dede FNE/IDF DocBloc: East Doc Platform Deadline Approaches Earthquake Risk Suspends Romanian Cinema PRODUCTION: Maciej Pieprzyca Shooting Psychological Thriller Estonia’s Tartu Film Fund to Triple its Budget FNE TV: Tiina Lokk Director Black Nights Film Festival FNE TV: Marge Liiske Managing Director Baltic Event FNE at Lux Prix 2015: Mustang Wins Top EU Prize PRODUCTION: Ioana Mischie Develops French/Romanian Debut PRODUCTION: Avi Nesher shooting Israeli/Polish Past Life in Łódź PRODUCTION: Branko Schmidt Preps Ivan’s Confirmation Smolensk in Polish cinemas in March 2016 Winnetou Wraps in Croatia Malta Offers Script Development Programme FNE at Baltic Event: Latvian/Estonian What Nobody Can See in Production FNE at Baltic Event: A Estonian/Finish Slasher Horror Film in Production FNE at Baltic Event: Slovak/German Freedom in Production FNE TV: Edith Sepp Director Estonian Film Institute and Chair of the Film New Europe Association Romanians Launch Art Cinemas Petition PRODUCTION: The Zookeeper´s Wife Wraps Shooting in Czech Republic FESTIVALS: Son of Saul Takes Zagreb Main Prize FESTIVALS: Carol Wins at Camerimage PRODUCTION: Walerian Borowczyk Doc Set to Go in Production in 2016 FNE at Baltic Event: Estonian/Latvian/Lithuanian Pretenders in Production Poland Pins Oscar Hopes on Short-listed Doc Prima TV Adds Fifth Channel FNE IDF Doc Bloc: IDF to Participate in IDFA

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FNE asked Bogdan Wenta why the LUX Prix was important for the support of cultural diversity in Europe and how it contributes to our understanding of social problems and cultural differences in Europe.

SOFIA: The staff of the Bulgarian National Film Archive has joined the protests against the on-going underfunding of the cultural sector, which started on 24 November 2015 in Bulgaria.

PRAGUE: Czech powerhouse distribution company Cinemart scored its own diplomatic coup, bringing the son of Francis Gary Powers to a special pre-premiere screening of Bridge of Spies directed by Steven Spielberg. It is the junior Powers’ lone appearance at a film screening in the former Soviet Bloc.

Friday, 27 November 2015   |   Georgia

PRODUCTION: Mariam Khatchvani Shoots Dede

TBILISI: Mariam Khatchvani is in production with her debut feature, Dede. The first part of shooting took place in autumn 2015 and winter shooting is set for January 2016. The film is a Georgian/British/Croatian coproduction.

The deadline to apply for East Doc Platform is 1 December 2015.

Thursday, 26 November 2015   |   Romania

Earthquake Risk Suspends Romanian Cinema

BUCHAREST: Cinema Studio is the first Romanian cinema which has suspended its work due to the new law prohibiting public activities in buildings with earthquake risk. Cinema Studio is also the home of the Romanian Filmmakers Union and a member of Europa Cinemas.

WARSAW: Maciej Pieprzyca, director of the box office hit Life Feels Good (Tramway) is working on his new film Jestem Mordercą / I Am A Murderer, a thriller inspired by a series of murders from the 1970's. RE Studio is producing.

Thursday, 26 November 2015   |   Estonia

Estonia’s Tartu Film Fund to Triple its Budget

TALLINN: The Estonian regional Tartu Film Fund in the city of Tartu has announced that it will increase the amount of funding available in the next five years to 450,000 EUR from its present level of 150, 000 EUR.

FNE asked Tiina Lokk about how being an A category festival is changing the Black Nights Film Festival and why the European Commission chose Tallinn as the place to wind up its series of 2015 European Film Forums on the Digital Single Market.

FNE asked Marge Liiske about how the Baltic Event is helping Estonian filmmakers to collaborate with European partners and to make to voice of Estonian culture heard beyond its borders.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015   |   Region

FNE at Lux Prix 2015: Mustang Wins Top EU Prize

STRASBOURG: The The French/Turkish/German coproduction Mustang directed by Deniz Gamze Ergüven has been awarded the European Parliament's LUX Prize 2015 .

BUCHAREST: Ioana Mischie’s debut feature 237 Years, a bittersweet comedy in the vein of Kusturica's Underground, Wolfgang's Becker's Goodbye, Lenin and Cristian Mungiu’s Tales of the Golden Age (Mobra Films) is set for shooting in 2016.

LÓDŹ: Israeli director Avi Nesher is working on Past Life, the first part of his trilogy devoted to the issues of past and identity. Opus Film is the executive producer in Poland.

ZAGREB: Acclaimed writer/director Branko Schmidt is currently in preproduction with Ivan’s Confirmation / Ivanova krizma, which will conclude his trilogy that opened with Metastases and Vegetarian Cannibal. Shooting is planned for September 2016.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015   |   Poland

Smolensk in Polish cinemas in March 2016

WARSAW: Smolensk, a drama about the tragic plane crash of 2010 which killed the Polish President directed by Antoni Krauze will open in Polish cinemas in March 2016 distributed by Kino Świat.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015   |   Croatia

Winnetou Wraps in Croatia

ZAGREB: Filming of the Winnetou trilogy has wrapped in Croatia, after a 67-day schedule using some 20 locations. The production made use of the Croatian Audiovisual Centre’s incentives programme.

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