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Central and Eastern Europe are home to many of the top global games developers and the creatives in design, special effects, AI are increasingly working on both games and film.

FNE will be talking to some of the top players across the region in both games and film and pin-pointing the new projects that are catching the attention of international investors.

Watch this space to get the first news of what is hot in this fast growing sector.

FNE Film Meets Games: Q&A with Jari-Pekka Kaleva, Managing Director of European Games Developer Federation

STOCKHOLM: FNE spoke to Jari-Pekka Kaleva, managing director of the European Games Developer Federation (EGDF), about their current activities, as well as the state of the game industry in the region.


Film Meets Games: GRANTS: Croatian Audiovisual Centre Announces Games Grants

ZAGREB: The Croatian Audiovisual Centre has allocated a total of 199,100 EUR for the production of three and the development of 10 new videogames. It is the second year that the Croatian national body is supporting video games in the production or development stage.


FNE Film Meets Games: UK Publisher Jagex Acquires Croatia's Gamepires

ZAGREB: The UK-based developer and publisher of community-driven games Jagex announced the acquisition of Gamepires, a highly successful Croatian game development studio, which is best known for its open world survival game SCUM.


FNE Film Meets Games: Q&A with Peter Adamcik, CEO and Lead Programmer of Slovak 3DIVISION

KOSICE: FNE spoke to Peter Adamcik, CEO and lead programmer of 3DIVISION, about their current activities as well as the state of the Slovak game development industry.


FNE Film Meets Games: Q&A with Gorast Cvetkovski, President of Macedonian Game Developers Association - MAGDA

SKOPJE: FNE spoke with Gorast Cvetkovski, the president of the Macedonian Game Developers Association – MAGDA, about their current activities, as well as the state of the Macedonian game development industry.


Video Game Dominion Malta to Be Launched on 8 December 2022

VALLETTA: The latest DLC from Jurassic World Evolution 2, Dominion Malta, will be released on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on 8 December 2022.


FNE Film Meets Games: Q&A with Czech Animation Director Bára Anna Stejskalová

PRAGUE: FNE spoke with Bára Anna Stejskalová, Czech animation director and scriptwriter, about her animated films as well as the state of the Czech animation industry and its connections with gaming.


FNE Film Meets Games: Q&A with Vladimir Funtikov - Cofounder of Estonian CM Games

TALLINN: FNE spoke with Vladimir Funtikov, co-founder of Estonian CM Games, about their current activities, as well as the state of the Estonian game development industry.