Storytek: Sten-Kristian Saluveer Introduces: Always Engage Right Audiences With Cinuru Research

    Martina Berger and Jannis Funk Martina Berger and Jannis Funk

    We have asked Sten-Kristian Saluveer, founder and CEO of Storytek Creative Hub, to introduce some of the hottest new projects from Storytek, so that FNE readers have the chance to understand the concept on which Storytek was built: “Great storytelling needs outstanding tech and great tech needs outstanding storytelling.”

    Our first guests are Jannis Funk and Martina Berger, Co-Founders of Cinuru Research.

    Cinuru Research is a data analytics company for the film industry, offering data driven marketing tools for cinemas and film studios.

    „The sheer mass of films causes film fans to lose track of their cinema’s offerings and often miss films“, says Jannis Funk, one of the five founders of the startup Cinuru Research. According to a study of Germany’s national film funding institution, more than 60% of German filmgoers feel ill-informed about their cinema’s programming. Together with his team of film and software development experts, Funk came up with the idea of a data-driven CRM-System for the film industry.

    The core of their CRM System is the app Cinuru, connecting filmgoers with their favourite cinemas. With the app users can put films on their watchlist to get reminded when the film starts in their local cinema, earn bonus points with every film interaction and benefit from personalised film recommendations. Cinemas not only get a modern app to represent their cinema, but also benefit from the CRM System behind the app to send personalised messages to their filmgoers. Based on innovative taste segmentation algorithms that have their origins in research on recommender engines, Cinuru enables much more accurate clustering of audiences than demographic data have heretofore allowed. “Our CRM system will enable cinemas and film studios to always engage the right audiences, increase studios’ media spending efficiency as well as individual consumers’ purchase frequency”, Funk explains.

    Cinuru Research was founded in 2017 as a spin-off of the Film University Babelsberg and the Hasso Plattner Institute by Jannis Funk, Martina Berger, Tobias Lohse, Paulo Ruhrländer and Jean-David Herld. The Cinuru app is available in about 20 German cinemas through the App and Play Store since 2018.

    For more information about Cinuru Research visit https://cinuru.com/

    About the Authors:

    Jannis Funk: Co-Founder and managing director Jannis Funk works as a producer and screenwriter and is writing his PhD thesis at the Film University Babelsberg about data analysis for the film industry.

    Martina Berger: Co-Founder and marketing lead Martina Berger holds a master’s degree in film and tv production at the Film University Babelsberg. She has broad experience in film production and marketing.