UNIC Policy update 30.06.2016



    Stephen Follows presented a quantitative analysis of how the British and European film industries interact and how Brexit will affect the UK film industry.

    UNIC Annual Report

    UNIC has published its Annual Report, examining key trends of the European cinema industry during what was a record year for many across the 36 territories represented by the organisation.


    • 17/06: Fighting piracy on the internet – by following the money – Andrus Ansip blog

    "The first step in tackling piracy is to go after the commercial-scale infringers and deprive them of their revenue flows” said Andrus Ansip announcing the first "follow the money" Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), for signature by internet sales platforms and rights holders.


    •  16/06: Half of all European films make it to VOD in the EU but US films still dominate VOD offer in Europe – EAO

    European Audiovisual Observatory published a follow-up report to the report, “Origin of films in VOD catalogues” to compare the performance of EU films in terms of country availability on VOD to their actual performance in EU cinemas through examination of data from the Observatory’s LUMIERE database on theatrical films in Europe.

    Online Platforms and Intermediaries 

    • 09/06: Surveys on online platforms show their key role in consumers and small businesses' internet activities – European Commission

    The European Commission has published the results of two Eurobarometer surveys on the use of online platforms by consumers and SMEs. Such platforms include online marketplaces, search engines, payment systems, social media, and video and content-sharing sites.


    • 20/06: Keynote Speech by UNIC’s President, Phil Clapp, at CineEurope 2016 - UNIC

    Phil Clapp highlighted that the European sector has quietly cemented its position as a key building block of the global industry and is now representing almost a quarter of World box office, establishing consistent – and growing – admissions during a time of considerable change.

    • 14/06: The European Commission will present the e-commerce package as well as the new rules on audio-visual media and its approach to online platforms at the IMCO committee meeting - more information here
    • 28-29/09: European Commission and Slovak Presidency of the Council of the European Union Digital Assembly 2016 in Bratislava: "Putting the Digital Single Market at the heart of Europe" - more information here
    • 08-09/11: European Commission and Slovak Presidency of the Council of the European Union Conference ʺShaping the Future of IP" - more information here 
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