Unic Policy update 31.08.2016



    25/08: Leaked draft Impact Assessment shows that Commission intends to introduce new mandatory exceptions, address value gap and introduce related right for publishers – The IPKat

    Statewatch has just leaked a draft version of the Commission Staff Working Document - Impact Assessment on the modernisation of EU copyright rules, which shows the possible future moves of the Commission.

    26/08: EU to help make online films, TV shows more available across borders – Euractiv

    Under the EU executive’s plans outlined in a draft document seen by Reuters, broadcasters would be able to show content on their online platforms across the European Union after securing the rights in their home country, which the Commission hopes will allow them to distribute their own productions more widely.

    Digital Single Market 

    24/08: European digital single market needs strong net neutrality guidelines – Euractiv

    Without a strong protection of the principle of net neutrality, European digital businesses will be confronted with regional fragmentation and new barriers to market entry that will favour the already dominant tech companies from Silicon Valley, writes Stefan Heumann.


    03/09: UNIC/CICAE Panel discussion "The Future of European Film. Big Screen or Mobile Phone? ", Venice Film Festival - more information here 

    03-04/09: Venice European Film Forum, session on the future of cinemas on 04/09

    21/09: Publication of EU Copyright Reform, including Satellite and Cable regulation 

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