Czech Film Center at Finále Plzeň

    Prague, April 4 2012 - The Czech Film Center has prepared several activities for this year’s Finále Plzeň - the festival of Czech films. The traditional presentation of Upcoming feature and animated films, which the Czech Film Center (CFC) is organizing for the 11th time, will take place April 27. The presentation is the most detailed and comprehensive overview of Czech films of various genres in progress and is accompanied by the release of a detailed catalogue.

    CFC celebrates its 10th anniversary this year and is significantly enriching its activities within the framework of this year’s Finále Plzeň. CFC focuses on the constant support and presentation of Czech cinema, especially abroad; the significant support of the presence of domestic films and filmmakers at international festivals; and connecting Czech filmmakers, producers and distributors with foreign partners.

    Within the newly introduced Industry Days at Finále Plzeň, three thematic panels are scheduled for April 26 and 28. This year’s focus is on Polish cinematography and contacts between Czech and Polish filmmakers, producers, distributors and cultural professionals. Czech and Polish representatives will discuss the topics of financing, laws and inter-regional cooperation as well as new forms of film distribution. The panels are kindly supported by Polish Film Institute and CzechTourism agency.

    The Long Night of Short Films, which has a shorter but equally interesting tradition, will take place April 26 at Měštanská beseda. Young directors will present six selected short films from the recently released DVD, Czech Short Films 2012, Vol. 3.

    Czech Film Center Events

    Presentation of Upcoming feature and animated films

    Producers and other members of creative teams will present about 20 new domestic feature and animated films that have not yet been released. The presentation will include the traditional catalogue of works in progress, the new edition of which will be presented to the public for the first time at Finále Plzeň. The catalogue is divided into three phases: projects in development, in production and in post-production. Beginning this year, the catalogue will also include new categories of information.

    Date: April 27, 10am-2pm

    Place: Malý sál, Měšťanská beseda

    Moderator: Tomáš Baldýnský (publicist and screenwriter)

    Presenting: Producers will present their projects (approximately 20) in seven-minute blocs

    Target audience: Producers, journalists, foreign guests of the festival

    Panel I: Polish experience and Czech expectations: Financing Polish and Czech cinematography today

    Panelists will discuss a new Czech audiovisual law and the current law on the Czech State Fund as well as the experiences of the Polish Film Institute, which was established seven years ago by a new Polish law on cinematography.

    Date: April 26, 10am-12pm

    Place: Taneční sál, Měšťanská beseda

    Moderator: Tomáš Baldýnský (publicist and screenwriter)

    Panelists: Jacek Bromski (director, chairman of the Filmmakers’ Association, tbc), Agnieszka Odorowicz (director of the Polish Film Institute, tbc), Tereza Csesany Dvořáková (member of the Council of the State Fund for Support and Development of Czech cinematography, Pavel Berčík (producer, Evolutions Film)

    Target audience: New members of the Council of the State Fund, producers, journalists, festival guests

    Panel II: Support of film production in regions and possibilities of using film to market destinations

    The panel will present several years of experience among regional film offices and funds in Poland and will discuss the opportunities and interest of regions in the Czech Republic. Regional support of film production is common in European countries – film offices offer logistical support, and films with a regional aspect are subsidized through regional funds. There are 11 regional and municipal funds and offices in Poland which provided film productions approximately CZK 61 million (EUR 2.5 million) in support in 2011, in addition to logistical support.

    Date: April 26, 2pm-4pm

    Place: Taneční sál, Měšťanská beseda

    Moderator: Ludmila Claussová (Czech Film Commission)

    Panelists: Rafał Bubnicki (Lower Silesia Film Fund), Monika Głowacka (Łódź Film Commission), Adéla Koudelová/Hana Cívelová (City of Ostrava, Dept. of Economic Development), Alena Horáková (Destination Management Agency East Bohemia)

    Target audience: Representatives of regions, towns and districts; destination agencies, producers, journalists, festival guests

    Panel III: Ways to attract viewers, or How to survive as a distributor at present

    The role of film distributors is changing. Presenting in cinemas is no longer enough. Distributors also co-produce, handle international sales, run cinemas and organize festivals. Participants of the panel will discuss possibilities and new approaches of Czech and Polish distribution companies.

    Date: April 28, 10am-12pm

    Place: Taneční sál, Měšťanská beseda

    Moderator: Dominika Prejdová (Czech Center Warszaw)

    Panelists: Jakub Duszyński (distributor, Gutek film), Přemysl Martínek (distributor Artcam), Petr Zelenka (director and screenwriter).

    Target audience: Distributors, producers, journalists, festival guests

    Long Night of Short Films

    For the third time, the Czech Film Center presents a series of short films at Finále Plzeň, including a selection of six titles from the new DVD, Czech Short Films 2012, Vol. 3. The DVD presents all genres and film schools in Prague, Písek and Zlín. The filmmakers will present their films in person in Plzeň. A collection of films from the Institute of Art and Design at the University of West Bohemia in Plzeň will follow the CFC program. In the evening, audience members will have an opportunity to speak with the young filmmakers about their work and current Czech film.

    The screening will take place on April 26 from 8pm at Taneční sál of Měšťanské beseda.

    Czech Short Films 2012 was released in January as the third edition of the DVD of selected works, which CFC launched in 2010. With the addition of Spanish subtitles, this year’s DVD is accessible in four languages, giving it a greater opportunity of being used by international festivals. CFC presented the collection for the first time at the International Short Film Festival in Clermont-Ferrand in January, thanks to which approximately 20 international festivals have already expressed interest in the films.

    Short Films presented in Plzeň:

    Písně kosmické (Cosmic Songs)/ Katarína Dědičová / live action / FAMO / 10 min.

    A film about the desire to answer the question whether life really exists in the universe, and also about such worldly emotions as love and friendship.

    Blízký přítel (Close Friend) / Pavel Soukup / animated / Academy of Arts (VŠUP) / 6 min.

    An animated film about a lonely old woman, her very strange friend and even stranger decision.

    5 Kč (5 Crowns) / Marek Ciccotti / documentary / FAMO / 14 min.

    A documentary probing the territory of public toilets and their women caretakers in areas of Prague’s metro.

    Neplavci (Non-swimmers) / Jakub Šmíd / live action / FAMU / 23 min.

    This graduation-thesis documentary tells the story of a vacation at a deserted recreational center, where nothing happens at all. During the long wait, however, it is possible to experience a bitter summer love.

    Jáma (The Hollow) / Jiří Stejskal / documentary / Tomas Bata University in Zlín / 23 min.

    A documentary depicting the life of a Ukrainian family who does not comply with today’s way of life. Where the old meets the new, where something unique transforms, a conflict arises.

    Dezert (Dessert) / Anna Mastníková / animated / VŠUP / 4 min.

    A short animated film about three forms of love in which partners cut down, flirt with and eat one another. In the leading roles, spaghetti and whipped cream in a special restaurant…


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