Every year, producers present the latest feature production from Central and Eastern Europe in the Works in Progress during the Karlovy Vary IFF. This one-day presentation designed for international distributors, sales agents, and festival programmers offers a selection of quality feature films, recently completed or in post-production, whose premieres are expected after July 2012. Producers present their films in an eight-minute pitch, including a trailer and/or film clips.

    18 selected projects were presented on July 2, 2012 at the 47th Karlovy Vary IFF. The international jury has selected the most promising project which will receive the award 10.000 Euros in services from the event's partner Barrandov Studios.

    Award for the most promising project 2012 goes to:

    The Eternal Return of Antonis P (I Aionia Epistrofi Tou Antoni Paraskeua),
    directed by Elina Psykou, Greece

    the project was presented by:
    Elina Psykou and Giorgos Karnavas

    The film is Elina Psykou's debut and she wrote also the script.

    Jury statement:

    "In general, we were quite happy with the quality level of the presented projects, but one stood out above the rest.

    We chose the film with the most unique and clear vision of the filmmakers and we see great promise in the project. The jury is happy to support the first feature film of the director and we imagine a bright future for her. Even from the short presentation we were intrigued by the main character, his world and the film´s visual style.

    The jury unanimously decided to choose THE ETERNAL RETURN OF ANTONIS P "

    The Works in Progress Jury 2012:
    Ivo Andrle, Aerofilms, Czech Republic
    Amy Dotson, Independent Filmmakers Projects, USA
    SIlje Nikoline Glimsdal, TrustNordisk, Denmark

    The Film Synopsis:
    Antonis arrives in a luxurious hotel by the sea. It is wintertime and he wanders around in the empty, closed for the season hotel while his "disappearance" is headline on all media. For twenty years, he has been the main presenter of a popular morning show in a leading TV Channel. Very soon, he will have to end this charade and return. He dreams of his celebratory comeback. But he is not ready to do so... His non-return is the only pathway in order to preserve his personal "immortality".

    The films presented in the Works in Progress 2012:

    An Almost New Year / An Almost New Year

    Dir. Paul Negoescu, Romania

    Chce sie Zyc / The Will To Live

    Dir. Maciej Pieprzyca, Poland

    Chemi Sabnis Naketsi / A Fold in My Blanket

    Dir. Zaza Rusadze, Georgia

    Graduation Year / Graduation Year

    Dir. Andris Gauja, Latvia

    Halimin put / Halima's Path

    Dir. Arsen Anton Ostojic, Croatia

    I Aionia Epistrofi Tou Antonis Paraskeua / The Eternal Return of Antonis Paraskeua

    Dir. Elina Psykou, Greece

    Miluj ma alebo odíď / Love me or Leave me

    Dir. Mariana Čengel Solčanská, Slovakia

    Mom, I love you!/ Mom, I love you!

    Dir. Janis Nords, Latva and Lithuania

    Môj pes Killer / My Dog Killer

    Dir. Mira Fornay, Slovakia

    Nepravděpodobná romance / An Unlikely Romance

    Ivan Vojnár, Czech Republic

    Omega Rose / Omega Rose

    Dir. George Dorobanţu, Romania

    Ostatnie piętro / Last Floor

    Dir. Tadeusz Król, Poland

    Poklosie / Aftermath

    Dir. Władyslaw Pasikowski, Poland

    The Other/ The Other

    Dir. Ivona Juka, Croatia

    The Term/ The Term

    Dir. Pavel Kostomarov, Alexandr Rastorguev, Russia, Estonia

    Wild Duck / Wild Duck

    Dir. Yannis Sakaridis, Greece

    Yozgat Blues / Yozgat Blues

    Dir. Mahmut Fazil Coskun, Turkey

    Zimniy Put / Winterpath

    Dir. Sergey Taramaev, Russia