RIGA IFF announces first tickets sales together with this year’s slogan – Owning the Unknown

    The Riga International Film Festival is announcing sales of early bird tickets and introducing this year’s slogan – Owning the Unknown. The seventh RIGA IFF will take place this autumn from 15 to 25 October.

    Changes affect everyone, and significant changes can rarely be neatly planned ahead or pencilled in on a kitchen calendar. Although unforeseen things happen regularly, almost everyone has undeniably come face to face with the unforeseen in the last few months. What can a film festival do in the current circumstances? How should festival creators, spectators, and filmmakers respond? By identifying the unknown, accepting it, and making it their own.

    Liene Treimane, the Director of RIGA IFF points out that what happens on screen also happens in our minds:

    “In art, we long to experience the unusual and the unexpected. In cinema, we enjoy plot twists and new forms of expression. We are captivated by watching protagonists and the medium of film itself stand in front of the unknown, confidently take the first step and somehow find the right path. We have a choice to perceive the world’s complexities and changes in different ways – with exasperation, suspicion, or contemplation. We can also choose to perceive the world with confidence, knowing that we are not captives of the situation, but rather see that this experience belongs to us. And that we can do whatever we want with it. It is with this confidence that RIGA IFF announces that from 15-25 October it will bring together viewers, filmmakers and film professionals for the seventh time in order to once again face the unknown and make it their own.”

    The festival invites audiences to awaken their desire for adventure and discovery, because this year will be rich in innovations. It will weave through the program as well as the format – the festival is ready to take place both in person and online, depending on what the unknown future will bring. One thing is clear – the festival will take place and will further its mission without compromising on quality.

    Information about the framework of the programme and the first confirmed films are already available on the festival’s website rigaiff.lvSonora Broka, the Artistic Director of RIGA IFF introduces this year’s programme:

    “RIGA IFF will feature several themed film programmes this year, including four competition programmes. We will look back at one of the most important European film movements of the previous century – the Czech New Wave – and also capture the current mood of contemporary cinema – the visual language and the range of topics important to filmmakers today. An intellectual discussion about the eternal in the seclusion of a snowy mountain landscape, a tropical Brazilian melodrama, an Italian tribute to cinematic and literary classics, an anthropological study of violence on a raft journey – these are only a few highlights from the wide range of films we are planning to screen this year. And the programme is growing every day.”

    As of today, 19 May, RIGA IFF is giving the most faithful cinemagoers the opportunity to purchase packages of 10 tickets at a good price. With this package you can secure a place at this year’s festival and enjoy stories that expand the boundaries of perception in bold new forms. We invite viewers to become participants in creating this film event by purchasing tickets.

    The price for the special 10-ticket package is €45. As soon as individual tickets go on sale, package holders will be able to redeem 10 tickets to any screening from the festival programme. More information about tickets is available at tickets.rigaiff.lv.

    RIGA IFF is organised with the support of the State Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia, the European Commission’s Creative Europe MEDIA programme, the National Film Centre and Riga City Council.

    Announced films

    Berlin Alexanderplatz
    Burhan Qurbani

    Cristi Puiu

    Forman vs Forman
    Helena Třeštíková, Jakub Hejna

    The Raft

    Marcus Lindeen

    Girl in Tails

    Karin Swanström


    Pella Kågerman, Hugo Lilja

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    Last modified on 23-05-2020