A Quantum Leap. Game Tech In Filmmaking

    When: Monday, 14th September, 12:00-13:00 Central European Summer Time (watch your time zone)
    Where: ZOOM
    Cost: FREE (register here)

    The long-awaited fusion of CG animation and film production has finally arrived with the use of game engines being adopted by small and large studios alike. It is opening doors into virtual production, empowering directors and artists to make projects look ever closer to their creative vision by easing their workflow and adding more flexibility to their production process. This session will delve into two best practice examples: the BBC/HBO live-action TV series HIS DARK MATERIALS and Blue Zoo’s distinctive short animation ADA, exploring why and how real-time engines helped them transition from a traditional animation production towards a brave new virtual future of powerful VR and game-creation capabilities. 

    We will have a closer look at:

    HIS DARK MATERIALS (BBC/HBO live-action TV series)

    The beloved adaptation of Philip Pullman’s trilogy about a young girl, Lyra, and her quest to find her kidnapped friend. It’s a journey that leads her to uncover the sinister plot of a secret organisation, encounter extraordinary beings and protect dangerous secrets. The expansive and multiverse BBC/HBO series HIS DARK MATERIALS (2019) has been carefully crafted and brought to life with a unique and holistic design approach that spans the development, production and post-production stages. With season 2 already on the way, the series is set to be a ground-breaking example of television’s endless boundaries with the possibility of using real-time technology through Unreal Engine.  

    speaker: Jassmine Najime, Studio Manager, Painting Practice, UK

    ADA (short animation)

    Stranded on an arctic island, an Alaskan seamstress must overcome her fear of the wilderness and find the strength to survive if she ever hopes to return home to her son. With this experimental short film, Blue Zoo’s shorts programme enters a completely new direction. Using ground-breaking real-time technology, the team rendered ADA in Unreal Engine to accelerate the process of animated storytelling. The result is a raw and emotive film in an illustrated and characterful style that differentiates itself from the video game-style of animation.

    speaker: Dane Winn, Commercials Director at Blue Zoo, UK

    Moderator: Jan von Meppen, game designer, writer, producer and co-founder of LudInc, Germany 


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