This year’s EKOFILM is still counting on screenings, but the accompanying program will be streamed

    Those interested in the photographic workshop can compete for tickets

    BRNO/the CR (29.9.2020) – Fans of the EKOFILM environmental film festival can begin preparing for a feast of film. The planned screenings will take place in cinemas with increased hygiene measures and the accompanying program will be moved to the online environment. It will be streamed live on the internet and on the social networks of both EKOFILM and the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic. The opening discussion will be open to the public both online and in person; the limited capacity means that it is necessary to book. The organisers have been forced to cancel the physical program for schools without any replacement. Those interested in Jan E. Svatoš’ (Un)bound Nature photographic workshop can win tickets at ČSFD.cz or on the EKOFILM Facebook profile.

    “When deciding on how to deal with the measures, we did not even consider cancelling the festival, even though it was clear that it could not take place in its originally planned form. However, we will broadcast the opening discussion attended by significant academic and political guests, the opening concert by Captain Demo, the majority of the discussions and the official award ceremony live on the web and on social networks. Thanks to the online stream, people from all over the Republic and not just those who are currently in Brno will be able to participate at EKOFILM,” said the Festival Production Manager Pavlína Vidnerová from Key promotion.

    The organisers especially wish to invite people to the opening discussion which will take place in the ECODOME on Brno’s Liberty Square (náměstí Svobody) and will be open to the public. There are a total of 50 places available for the public and for journalists and it is possible to book a seat online at https://www.ekofilm.cz/event/91/.
    The discussion will be attended by the Minister of the Environment of the Czech Republic Richard Brabec, the Rector of Mendel University Danuše Nerudová, the marketing consultant Pavlína Louženská and the Dean of the Faculty of Environmental Protection Technology at the University of Chemistry and Technology Vladimír Kočí who will discuss how to achieve long-term sustainability in our consumption.

    The Communications Manager from the Albert Česká republika retail chain Jiří Mareček has also promised to attend the discussion. The debate will concern the European Union’s Green Deal, our consumption habits, the circular economy and the ways that business can adapt to these trends. The discussion forum will be moderated by the festival’s president Ladislav Miko and it will be in Czech language.

    Take a look at this year's EKOFILM festival spot >>

    “Fliers, campaigns and discounts call out to us at every step, fall into our mailboxes and never give us a moment’s peace to relax. The spot for this year’s festival makes use of this to raise the question as to whether consumption is necessary. We have dedicated all of this year’s festival to the debate on what other approaches to the economy and consumption are available and where we take inspiration now,” said the festival’s Creative Director Karel Hrivňák from Key promotion.

    In addition to the screenings, the Jan E. Svatoš photographic workshop from the accompanying program has also been preserved and it will take place at the Brno Zoological Gardens on Friday 16 October. Those interested in photographic tips can compete for a place in the workshop from 28 September on the Czechoslovak Film Database website www.csfd.cz and on www.facebook.com/ekofilm.

    Another part of the accompanying program, which has not been moved to the online environment, is the Wild Animals (Není zvěř jako zvěř) exhibition. It will be held on Brno’s Moravia Square (Moravské náměstí) from 5 October to 25 October.
    The 46th year of EKOFILM, the oldest European film festival with an ecological theme, will once again take place in Brno on 14 – 17 October 2020. You can find current information online at www.ekofilm.cz.

    Festival website: www.ekofilm.cz
    Contact: Vratislav Vozník, press service, +420 607 258 508, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Last modified on 30-09-2020