Can a single meeting change the course of a novice filmmaker’s career? It surely can!  As a beginner filmmaker with head full of ideas sometimes you need that one advice, that push in the right direction. Talent Demo will get you there!

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    What is it?

    Talent Demo is an educational event tailored especially for students and aspiring filmmakers. Each year a chosen group of participants have a chance to meet with acknowledged experts – cinematographers, directors, editors, talent agents and producers.

    How does it work?

    This initiative aims to enable young filmmakers to discuss their ongoing projects with world class film professionals. The program is addressed primarily to students of film and art schools as well as independent filmmakers who will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to present their projects to film industry experts: cinematographers, directors, producers, distributors, talent agents, among others.

    Talent Demo participants will be selected based on their applications. Those invited to the program will have an opportunity to present their projects to industry professionals and discuss the further direction of their projects as well as their career path with experts who match their needs the most.

    How can you participate in a meeting?

    This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Talent Demo session will be held in a hybrid form, just like the festival itself. The participants who are not be able to come to Toruń will have a chance to take part in the online meetings, whereas those who will come to Toruń are invited to have a physical meeting with the experts. Each participant can choose a suitable type of meeting in the application form.

    How to apply?

    It is really simple! All you have to do is to log in to portal.camerimage.pl and fill out the application form where you will be asked to answer just a few simple questions regarding your experience and the project. Selection of participants is based on the application forms.

    Application fee is 150 PLN (approx. 35 EUR).

    When can you apply?

    We are currently accepting applications. The deadline is 18 October 2020.

    Pobierz obrazkiTalent Demo 2018,
    photo by Bartosz Klimczak

    Who our experts are?

    A typical panel of experts consists of representatives of the following professions: recognised cinematographer, talent agent, producer, director, distributor, representative of an international film festival. What is important is that the experts are selected after careful analysis of all successful applications. Therefore we are sure that the meetings will be fruitful.

    Last year, our Talent Demo board of experts was composed of the following acclaimed professionals: César Charlone (cinematographer, director, writer), Rob Epstein (director, writer, producer), Jeffrey Friedman (producer, director, editor), Gabriela Rodriguez (producer), Adam Newport-Berra (cinematographer) oraz Ann Murphy (talent agent). The panel of experts for this year’s edition of Talent Demo will be selected after careful analysis of all the successful applications and announced on a later date.

    What previous participants say?

    “One of the things that makes this festival so unique is the feeling that everyone is equal within it. No matter the status or fame of the person attending Camerimage we are all filmmakers drawn to this festival through our passion for the craft. Filmmaking is a collaborative effort and the generosity of Mr. Heim and his colleagues were imperative to bring Catch to its completion.”
    Jeremy Glaholt, Talent Demo 2012 participant

    “Camerimage and Talent Demo has been a great experience for me, I learned many things and this great opportunity opened my mind to new experiences and the advisory program was very good. Sharing with filmmakers from around the world pushes me to keep going and not give up on the long road to complete a film, the philosophy of the festival is very important: I felt a brotherhood among filmmakers, which is very important to create a global community, especially in these times when the world is torn between borders and cultural differences.”
    Arturo Almanza, Talent Demo 2015 participant

    In order to apply for Talent Demo Program go HERE.
    Please direct all inquiries to Dominika Kruzińska at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Pobierz obrazki


    Pobierz obrazki

    Last modified on 10-10-2020