connecting cottbus project line-up: at least one thing is certain in 2020 - creativity continues to bloom in the eastern european film industry

    connecting cottbus, the East-West co-production market taking place in November during FilmFestival Cottbus, presents its selection of 13 projects in development and 6 works in progress for this year’s online edition.

    From 4-6 November 2020, the 22nd edition of connecting cottbus (coco) will take place  online, presenting exciting feature film projects to a select audience of co-producers, sales  agents and other potential partners. This year, 13 cocoPITCH and 6 cocoWIP projects  from 13 countries in broader Eastern Europe will be pitched. All projects compete for a  variety of awards. Their producers and directors will take part in in-depth feedback  sessions with industry experts in the cocoLAB, while all industry participants can join online  networking events and a framework programme focusing on current production topics.

    Despite all collective hardships at the festival circuit this year, we are proud of the coco  alumni projects released in 2020: besides SERVANTS (Slovakia/Ireland/Czech Republic/  Romania) by Ivan Ostrochovský, which competed at Berlinale Encounters in February, Ivan  Tverdovskiy’s CONFERENCE (Russia/Estonia/Italy/UK) premiered at Venice Days. THE  CAMPAIGN (Romania) by Marian Crisan will premiere in Moscow in October, while Piotr  Domalewski’s I NEVER CRY (Poland/Ireland) will be part of the New Directors Competition  at upcoming San Sebastian. 

    This year’s cocoPITCH selection covers a variety of stories and characters, from accidental  millionaires to greedy aunts and sad mathematicians. Once again the majority of  protagonists are strong-willed women. Topics include home displacement, immigration  and workers’ rights, corruption and sensationalist journalism, as well as a little-known  practice called Catholic divorce. Debut feature projects are set alongside new work by  award-winning filmmakers like Roman Bondarchuk, Robert Budina and Svetla Tsotsorkova,  who received the Special Pitch Award FilmFestival Cottbus 2019 to present FORTUNE  TELLER. Pre-selected by coco at partnering events were SEP & ANA by Paul Cioran,  winner of the Transilvania Pitch Stop - coco Award at TIFF 2020, and VACUUM by  Yelizaveta Smith, which took the Midpoint - coco Award (Midpoint Feature Launch) at  Karlovy Vary Eastern Promises 2020.

    The line-up of cocoWIP is equally diverse in terms of genre, ranging from dark comedy  and savvy coming-of-age to vibrant historical epos. We are pleased to present two coco  alumni projects: SISTER (WT; North Macedonia/Kosovo/Montenegro/France) by Dina  Duma and STOP-ZEMLIA (WT; Ukraine) by Kateryna Gornostai.

    This year, connecting cottbus takes place entirely online on 4-6 November 2020.

    Producers, sales agents, commissioning editors and other industry representatives active in East-West European co-production can apply to attend without a project by 7 October 2020.

    Selected cocoPITCH Projects 2020 

    CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC | Croatia | dir: Vanja Juranić |  prod: Damir Terešak | Maxima film  

    FLOOD | Slovak Republic | dir: Martin Gonda |  

    prod: Katarína Krnáčová, Tomáš Gič | Silverart  

    Special Pitch Award FilmFestival Cottbus 

    FORTUNE TELLER | Bulgaria | dir: Svetla Tsotsorkova |  prod: Svetoslav Ovcharov | Omega films  

    HONEY BUNNY | Croatia | dir: Igor Jelinović |  

    prod: Rea Rajčić | Eclectica  

    KIRIL’S LUCK | Bulgaria | dir: Milena Andonova |  

    prod: Katya Trichkova, Rali Ralchev | Contrast Films  

    NORWEGIAN DREAM | Norway, Poland | dir: Leiv Igor Devold |  prod: Håvard Wettland Gossé, Bartek Glinski | Spætt Film / Impakt Film  

    PARADE | Lithuania | dir: Titas Laucius |  

    prod: Klementina Remeikaite | afterschool production  

    Transilvania Pitch Stop - coco Award 

    SEP & ΑΝΑ | Romania | dir: Paul Cioran |  

    prod: Claudiu Mitcu | We are Basca  

    SWAPS | North Macedonia | dir: Gjorche Stavreski |  

    prod: Gjorche Stavreski, Ivana Shekutovska | Fragment Film  

    THE EDITORIAL OFFICE | Ukraine | dir: Roman Bondarchuk |  prod: Darya Bassel, Darya Averchenko | Moon Man / South Films  

    Midpoint - coco Award (Midpoint Feature Launch)  

    VACUUM | Ukraine | dir: Yelizaveta Smith |  

    prod: Aleksandra Kostina | Bosonfilm  

    WATERDROP | Albania | dir: Robert Budina |  

    prod: Sabina Kodra | Erafilm  

    WHEN YOU ARE 17 | Georgia | dir: Giorgi Mukhadze |  prod: Nato Sikharulidze | Terra Incognita Films

    Selected cocoWIP Projects 2020 

    EVICTION | Hungary | dir: Máté Fazekas |  

    prod: Gábor Osváth, Péter Fülöp | Filmfabriq / FP Films  

    FIRE! | Russia | dir: Maria Ignatenko |  

    prod: Egor Odintsov, Konstantin Fam, Ekaterina Mikhailova | Ark Pictures  

    SISTER (WT) | North Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, France | dir: Dina Duma |  prod: Marija Dimitrova, Liridon Cahan, Biljana Vusovic, Guillaume De Seille | List Production / Added Value Films / Videa Production / Arizona Productions 

    STAND BY ME | Russia | dir: Tamara Dondurey |  

    prod: Katia Filippova | Pan-Atlantic Studio  

    STOP-ZEMLIA (WT) | Ukraine | dir: Kateryna Gornostai |  

    prod: Vitaliy Sheremetiev, Vika Khomenko, Natalia Libet, Olha Beskhmelnytsina | Esse Production House  

    SUPERMARKET | Montenegro, Serbia | dir: Nemanja Becanovic |  

    prod: Milena Charan, Jelena Angelovski | VHS / Tri Osmine

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