Warsaw Film Festival celebrates its International Competition

    The calling card of the Warsaw Film Festival will present seven World Premieres, seven International Premieres and one European Premiere to the local audience gathered in Warsaw, as well as the international jury. 

    18 Kilohertz / 18 kiloherców / 18 Kilohertz, dir. Farkhat Sharipov, Kazakhstan 2020, 82 min.

    The realities of teenage life in Kazakhstan in the 1990s, during the heroin boom in Almaty. *18 kHz is a sound frequency that adults can’t hear.

    The Asadas / Rodzina Asada /浅田家 , dir. Ryota Nakano, Japan 2020, 127 min.

    Based on true events, this is a story about a photographer who believed in the power of the photo.

    Big Boys Don`t Cry / Duże chłopaki nie płaczą, dir. Steve Crowhurst, UK 2020, 90 min.

    A man cannot shake off his traumatic past in a children’s home. A shocking film based on true events, it is the British documentary filmmaker’s feature debut.

    By Your Side / Do szaleństwa / À La Folie, dir. Audrey Estrougo, France 2020, 82 min.

    Manu returns to her childhood home for her mother's birthday. A psychological drama about a family torn apart by schizophrenia.

    Droneman / Modelář, dir. Petr Zelenka, Czechia 2020, 105 min.

    A political thriller. Two friends run a prosperous drone rental company. One of them is obsessed with justice and seeks it at all costs, even outside the boundaries of the law. A drone becomes his weapon and a tool of revenge.

    The Man with Hare Ears

    Fox in a Hole / Lis w norze / Fuchs im Bau, dir. Arman T. Riahi, Austria 2020, 100 min.

    A touching story about a prison school for minors, told from the point of view of the newly arrived teacher who is well outside his comfort zone.

    Hot Soup / Gorące źródła / Re Tang, dir. Ming Zhang, China 2020, 102 min.

    Contemporary Shanghai. The stories of four women in pursuit of happiness.

    Magnezja / Magnesium, dir. Maciej Bochniak, Poland 2020, 120 min.

    A gangster tragicomedy, an auteur version of the “Eastern”, in which a patch of land cut off from the rest of the country is ruled by women and the main currency is a revolver bullet. A film with a choice cast.

    The Man with Hare Ears / Człowiek z zajęczymi uszami / Muž se zaječíma ušima, dir. Martin Šulík, Czechia, Slovakia 2020, 104 min.

    The latest comedy from master filmmaker Šulík, in which an evening phone call triggers a series of events that turn the protagonist’s world upside down.

    My Blood & Bones in a flowing Galaxy /  Moja krew i kości w płynącej galaktyce / 砕け散るところを見せてあげる, dir. Sabu, Japan 2020, 127 min.

    Kiyozumi Hamada is a third-form secondary school student. He possesses a strong sense of justice. One day, he sees first-former Hari Kuramoto being bullied… An adaptation of Yuyuko Takemiya’s bestselling novel. A story about unlikely love that brings hope.


    Post Mortem, dir. Péter Bergendy, Hungary 2020, 116 min.

    It’s the freezing winter of 1918. The country has been ravaged by World War I and the Spanish flu. Many are dead, and countless spirits have become stranded in our world. A post-mortem photographer and a little girl confront ghosts in a haunted village.

    Tsoi / Coj / Цой, dir. Alexei Uchitel, Russia, Latvia 2020, 91 min.

    Viktor Tsoi, the Soviet Union’s most famous rock star, leader of the band Kino, a symbol of freedom and change, dies in an accident on a Latvian highway.

    Unidentified / Niezidentyfikowany / Neidentificat, dir. Bogdan George Apetri, Romania 2020, 123 min.

    A film combining and subverting several successful popular cinema archetypes: the police or detective movie, the action film, film noir and the anti-hero character type.

    We are here. We are close / Jesteśmy. Jesteśmy blisko / My ye. My poruch, dir. Roman Balayan, Ukraine 2020, 90 min.

    A riveting story about how misdiagnosis, not necessarily in medical terms, complicates and corrupts lives, but can also bring the grace of enlightenment.

    The Year Of Fury / Rok furii / El Año de la Furia, dir. Rafa Russo, Spain, Uruguay 2020, 101 min.

    Uruguay, 1972. A drama in which, day by day, the lives of all the characters are deeply impacted by the yoke of dictatorship.

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