Warsaw Film Festival opens with The Book of Vision

    Carlo S. Hintermann's film will open the 36th edition of the Polish festival, which will wrap on 18 October, 2020. 

    The Book of Vision

    Counting Terrence Malick among its executive producers, the film premiered at the Venice Film Festival. "Terry really understands that when you want to do something new, you really need support. He received this support from Arthur Penn, Irvin Kerschner and then he helped Andrew Dominik, Jeff Nichols and many others. Through the years, I had a chance of establishing a nice relationship with him, I worked on The Tree of Life, and when I decided to make this film he was supportive as well. He is very brave, as a director and as a producer" – Carlo S. Hintermann said in the interview for the festival website. 

    “Initially, our biggest fear was that there would be no films to screen. They weren’t shot during the lockdown, but surprisingly, we received almost 3,000 submissions from 96 countries,” festival director Stefan Laudyn explained to Cineuropa when talking about the programme, which includes 105 features and 68 shorts from 56 countries.

    “I am particularly happy with its geographical and cultural diversity,” he said. “We have a strong programme from Eastern Europe, Asia and Latin America, and there are a number of interesting debuts, but also some remarkable returns: new films by Alexei Uchitel, Martin Šulík, Petr Zelenka, Adilkhan Yerzhanov, Bogdan George Apetri and Uberto Pasolini. Most of them we expect to come to Warsaw in person.”

    The 36th edition of the festival, held in Warsaw while respecting the Covid-19 regulations, will wrap on October 18.