Script Pool Film and POWR Baltic Stories Exchange have selected their 2020 projects

    The initiatives of Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event, Script Pool Tallinn and POWR Baltic Stories Exchange focusing on scriptwriting, announced selected projects - including participants from Chile, Turkey, Faroe Islands, Spain, Russia as well as Nordic and Central European countries, attending the programmes this year. 

    Script Pool Tallinn, an international script competition taking place for the 4th time in 2020, has announced the participants in its film category.  The main goal of the competition is to gather talented scriptwriters with producers attached and to provide them support in enhancing the script and maximising its production and distribution potential. During the competition, the participants get to work together with well-known script doctors and pitching mentors. Each project will have the chance to pitch their story to a top specialist in the field and get one-to-one feedback. 

    According to Triin Tramberg, the manager of Script Pool, the global lockdown had an incredible influence on creating new films. “We had a record number of submissions and decision-making was not easy at all. The five projects we selected differ from each other but are equally interesting to read and have great potential to thrive in the international film industry," she added.   

    Script Pool Film selected projects: 

    • 20,000 Species of Bees (Spain), screenwriter Estibaliz Urresola Solaguren, from the production company Gariza Films and Sirimiri Films; 

    • Franky Five Star (Germany, Finland), screenwriters Knut Mierswe and Birgit Möller, production company Achtung Panda! 

    • Ghost in The House (Iceland), screenwriters Olaf de Fleur Johannesson and Hrafnkell Stefansson, production company Poppoli Pictures; 

    • The Mysterious Gaze of the Flamingo (Chile), writer Diego Céspedes, production company Quijote Films; 

    • A Smile Worthwhile (Turkey, Estonia), screenwriter Sefa Öztürk, production company Purple Pigeon Productions. 

    The main award of 5000 Euro prize is given to a writer-producer team by the jury that includes Patrick Fisher (managing director of Creative Capital), Patrik Andersson (Producer of Midsommar, 2019, Euphoria, 2017) and Agathe Maurac (Head of International Sales at Pyramide International). 

    POWR Baltic Stories Exchange, organised for the 13th time, is a training programme for Nordic and Baltic scriptwriters, actively seeking producers, to develop film projects currently in the early stages of development. We will also host a project as part of Russia in Focus 2020. 

    “This year we are excited to welcome our first Faroese filmmaker and the stories cover a broad spectre including a post-alien invasion drama, a Latvian mockumentary, modern folklore and a Russian generational drama. We are 50/50 on the gender account and can’t wait to present a great mix of POWR pitches in November,” said Valeria Richter, Head of Studies for POWR since the start. 

    During the intensive group-based workshop taking place online during Industry@Tallinn &; Baltic Event (November 19-22), the selected screenwriters will practice the skills to pitch their projects through group sessions, talks and rehearsals. In 2020, the workshop is led by the 2 pitch coaches, Valeria Richter (Denmark) and Helene Granqvist (Sweden), both of the Nordic Factory outfit.

    POWR Baltic Stories Exchange selected projects include: 

    • Zurab Dzhidzhilava (Latvia/Georgia) - The Man Who Desalinated the Sea

    • Joseph Valentino Palau (Denmark) - The Gleam

    • Keren Klimovsky (Faingersh) (Sweden) - Little Red Helmet

    • Mariann Sofiasdóttir (Denmark/Faroe Islands) - Not the End of the World

    • Ave Goršič (Estonia) - Way to Home

    • Vasily Zorkiy (Russia) - Weird Fishes

    POWR workshop is organized by Baltic Event in collaboration with the region’s Creative Europe MEDIA Desks. 

    Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event is the one-week summit for film and audiovisual industry professionals held during PÖFF, on November 23-27, 2020. This year’s summit takes place fully online, welcoming projects and participants from around the globe. In 2020, Industry@Tallinn &; Baltic Event introduces Russia in Focus, a global presentation of Russian audiovisual content, film projects and creative talents at one of the key international co-production markets and producer's platforms to build strong ties between Russian and international creative industry players.  

    Check out the programme at industry.poff.ee

    More information about talents, projects and programme on Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event webpage