For the first time ever, EnergaCAMERIMAGE screenings, seminars and other live events will be available online on our dedicated streaming platform. Here are some basic rules for the entry card holders regarding online.energacamerimage.pl:

    • In order to participate in film screenings the entry card holder needs to book free tickets through online.energacamerimage.pl.
    • Logging into online.energacamerimage.pl will be available from 13th of November. User's login is the email used to register your EnergaCAMERIMAGE Entry Card, and their password is 13-digits long number of the Entry Card.
    • Materials other than film screenings, i.e. all seminars, Q&As and other live events will be available without the need to make an individual booking.
    • Online booking starts on November 13th and from then on will be available for the current and following day of the Festival.
    • Films will be available for viewing for 48 hours but with a smaller viewing window of 4h from the moment you first click “play”.
    • English and Polish subtitles will be available for all film screenings.
    • All Q&As will be translated into Polish, although live seminars and talks will be available only in English.
    • Depending on the arrangements with distributors, access may be geoblocked for some screenings, as per marking on the screening schedule.
    • Access to the screening for the entry card holder is allowed only for one accredited device at a time (accredited device = one device per holder of our festival entry card).
    • Disclosing the entry card data to third parties will result in blocking the entry card holder’s account and lack of access to the online platform.
    • All Q&As, talks and seminars will remain available online for your viewing pleasure until the end of the online festival, 22 November 2020, 23:59 CET.
    • The quality of film screenings, seminars and workshops on the online platform may depend on the technical parameters of the Internet connection and the technical parameters of the device of the user.
    • The Organizer is not responsible for the lack of access or disrupted access to the online platform caused by circumstances beyond the Organizer’s control or technical problems or technical limitations related to the Internet connection used by the user or the device used by the user.
    • Please revise the availability of screenings in your country in the festival schedule.

    We are proud to invite you to online.energacamerimage.pl!