Scholarship programme for script consultants and young producers. Apply now!

    Are you a writer, script consultant or a young producer interested in making films for kids? If the answer is yes, we have good news for you. Kids Kino.Lab is open, the scholarship programme for people who are willing to gain the experience from our tutors and help us during the fifth edition of the Kids Kino.Lab.

    The application deadline is: 24 November 2020.

    Apply for a scholarship here.

    Scholarship for writers / script consultants

    This scholarship is giving you a great opportunity to learn from our tutors the crucial skills which can make you a better script consultant. You will gain knowledge on how to lead the project, give a feedback and consult the project. You will be assisting the tutors and also helping us on the organizational level. Also, you will be involved in the process of the preparation for the sessions.

    We are waiting for you to apply if you are an up-and-coming writer or a script consultant, looking for a chance to practice and gain the experience from the professionals.

    To apply for the scholarship you should have first experience in the field of script consulting (short or full length or other connected with a script consulting). Just to let us know that script consulting is your thing and you are truly passionate about it.

    Film education is not required, so don’t worry if you don’t have any.

    Each of the script scholar will be working with one of our tutors: Kirsten Bonnen Rask, Armin Prediger or Philip LaZebnik.

    There are three scholarships for a script consultants. The scholars will be chosen by the tutors based on the application.

    Scholarship for a young producer

    For this scholarship we are looking for someone starting their career as a producer.

    There is one scholarship for a young producer. Your tutor will be Ronald Kruschak, who is responsible for tutoring our teams in terms of production basics.

    By taking part in the scholarship you will have a chance to work with more experienced producers and see how the development process looks like from the production point of view. A part of your task will be collecting the information about the production situation in Europe and countries of our participants, doing research for our tutor and helping him to invite experts, organize the masterclass and consultations with invited guests.

    Read more about the rules, conditions and recruitment process on our website.

    Next week we will announce the selected projects for the Kids Kino.Lab. Stay tuned!



    The programme is co-financed by the MEDIA sub-programme of Creative Europe and Polish Film Institute.

    Kids Kino.Lab partners are: Zlin Film Festival, JEF Festival, Kids Kino Industry.

    More information about our partners can be found here: https://www.kidskinolab.pl/partners/.

    Last modified on 29-11-2020