Critical Moves is an international competition program in the frame of the Moving Body Festival with a focus on short screendance films.

    Where: Varna, Bulgaria

    When: 28 October - 6 November

    Deadline for applications: 18 June 2022

    We witness more and more evidence of climate challenges, of inequality issues around the globe, and of a huge polarization between individuals and nations. These diverse illnesses are interconnected and together they are creating unpredictable dynamics. 

    It looks like there isn’t an easy exit, neither a safe return, nor a new normality. We need to learn how to navigate our lives through uncertainty and remind ourselves that challenging times are also occasions of real possibilities and major opportunities. 

    The future is made now and with our Open Call we would like to hear your strong critical voice, to see your imagination, to touch your intimate world - dreams and fears, hopes and despairs.

    What preoccupied your thoughts, what’s making you feel grounded, and, after all, what makes you move today?

    The Entry Call for the upcoming seventh edition of the festival will remain open till 18th June 2022. Filmmakers, choreographers, visual artists, performers and other multidisciplinary participants and thinkers could submit their films through our FilmFreeWay or FestHome profiles.


    We are searching for short films experimenting with the video medium, dance and movement with a strong choreographic sensibility and original concept. Films that explore new audiovisual lines and challenge the viewer’s perspective are very welcome to submit. The category is open to a wide range of genres, including experimental, narrative, social, documentary and hybrid film forms as dance films made with virtual and augmented reality.

    We’re looking forward to receiving your work!

    How to apply: You can apply via filmfreeway.com/MOVINGBODYFestival.

    Costs for participants: Between 6 and 15 Euro

    Contact details: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    For further information, please visit https://movingbody.bg/