The new law on electronic media in Croatia, Beta Film’s international premiere of new historical series Cardamom Coffee, TV technology, monetizing content, and different business strategies, and values were just the tip of the iceberg on the second day of NEM Dubrovnik 2022 

    Dubrovnik, June 8th, 2022  –  The second day of NEM Dubrovnik 2022, held in Hotel Dubrovnik Palace, discovered what stands behind a successful year in the TV and streaming market. From ever-changing technology to different business practices, strategies, and legislative regulations - speakers and panelists tried to point fingers at the most important aspects of the industry. Everything with one question to be answered; how to push the bar further globally while staying top dog locally?

    The ideal speakers for this topic were the experts who gathered for the much-anticipated panel View from the Top in TV Industry moderated by Kasia Madera (BBC World News Presenter). It brought the European media elite: Hans Troelstra (CEO, M7 Group), Christoph Limmer (Executive Vice President, Video Services and Regional Vice President Eastern and Central Europe, Eutelsat) and Tonko Weissmann (Executive Vice President, RTL Croatia). Decision-makers discussed practices, values, and approaches in the turbulent TV business and shared their experiences, situations, and decision that defined them through years of working in the industry. The panel also announced the completion of CME’s acquisition of RTL Croatia which was just recently reported.

    „In this industry, you constantly need to adapt but the essence stays the same – that is creation of content. I think CME is going to be a perfect match because we can jointly continue this path. TV is not dead, it's alive, people still want to watch quality content but it's shifting towards the digital side and this is where we are starting a new chapter“, spoke Weissmann of the acquisition.


    NEM Dubrovnik 2022 became a unique stage for the presentation of new legislative regulations in a special program New Law in Croatia, sponsored by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre (HAVC), Agency for Electronic Media in Croatia (AEM), and the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia.

    Croatian Minister of Culture and Media Nina Obuljen Koržinek introduced the program and presented the new Law on Electronic Media in Croatia and the EU Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD).

    Minister explained “the newly introduced obligation for operators to provide 10 % of annual gross revenue for works of Croatian independent producers. Media service providers on-demand, which are targeting Croatia, were introduced the obligation to contribute 2% of annual gross revenue for the implementation of the national program for the audiovisual creation and to directly invest 2% – either into production or purchase of audiovisual works of Croatian independent producers.”

    Panelists and speakers focused on how the new law affects operators, streaming companies, Croatian national televisions, Croatian audiovisual institutions, and other AV professionals and highlighted the importance of investing in Croatian audiovisual works and connecting with different European productions.


    During the entire day, participants could have listened to various panel room sessions. During the panel When I Grow Up, I Want to Be a Studio: Leveraging the Global Content Opportunity the question was raised how companies can keep up and make a profit in the age of global content boom.

    Canon also took the stage with a presentation Professional Imaging Solutions Designer in which Jean Mazel (Professional Imaging Expert, Canon CEE) presented innovating professional imaging solutions in the audiovisual landscape and Chiara Mckee (Vice President of Love Nature EMEA and Board Director for the Global Love Nature Business) spoke about Love Nature channel in a presentation Love Nature's Position in a Changing Media Landscape.

    Sanja Božić-Ljubičić, CEO and owner of marketing agency Mediavision behind NEM Dubrovnik 2022 and companies Pickbox and Mediatranslations, welcomed to the stage Anahita Kheder (EVP EMEA, Formats & Licensing, Fremantle International) in an engaging Q&A session TV, Women and Beer. Participants then relished summer cocktails with a view organized by Pickbox.

    Visitors interested in the technological aspects of media and TV had the opportunity to listen to the TV Tech Showcase. This set of presentations focused on dynamic changes in TV technology. Vionlabs, a respectable AI company, Brightcove, a software company that continues to showcase the power of video, and Whip Media, leading enterprise software presented their solutions on how to monetize content in the creative jungle that market became.

    Beta Film, a leading European independent film & television group, hosted the second night of NEM Dubrovnik. Well-known for premiering the most exciting new series, NEM Dubrovnik 2022 brought the new Ukrainian period drama Cardamom Coffee, based on a bestselling book by Natalia Hurnytska. Veronika Kovacova (EVP International Sales & Acquisitions Eastern Europe and Turkey, Beta Film) introduced it to the audience along with Asia Bataieva (Head of International Sales and Co-Productions, StarLight Media Group) and the main actress and producer of the series, Olena Lavrenyuk: “I’m thrilled that the world will be able to see how beautiful our culture is with the help of this series.”

    When asked how the Ukrainian premiere was received, Bataieva shared: “The premiere was great, we reached out to 7.4 million people, especially the first and last episode which were emotionally intense.”

    Visitors watched the series in an impressive Vala Beach Club and then commented on it together while enjoying snacks and cocktails.

    After screening, the fabulous Beta Night continued with dancing and socializing at one of the most beautiful locations in Hotel Dubrovnik Palace.

    Indispensable B2B event in the CEE region

    NEM Dubrovnik is a B2B event, every year focusing on the TV industry development in the CEE region. Regular visitors are key representatives of pay-tv channels, FTA channels, streaming services, telecom operators, and other television services providers, but also actors, producers, directors, writers, and other participants in the audiovisual industry.

    Thus far, NEM Dubrovnik was supported by more than 180 influential companies on the global and local level, some of which are Eutelsat, Deutsche Telekom, A1 Telekom Austria Group, United Group, Comcast, Irdeto, Global Agency and HBO Adria, as well as BBC Studios, ViacomCBS, All3Media International, NBCUniversal, Warner Bros., Fremantle, Sony Pictures Television, Pickbox, MGM, ITV Studios Global Entertainment, Viasat World, Telekom Srbija Group, ZDF, BETA Film, HRT, Nova TV, RTL Croatia, RTL Hungary and many others.

    New Europe Market

    New Europe Market (NEM) is a collective name for several events organized by the marketing and TV industry agency Mediavision. With an already traditional NEM Dubrovnik, 2019 saw the introduction of a winter edition called NEM Zagreb, dedicated to the creative side of the TV industry. During the challenging 2020, the new platform NEM Network was introduced, so that the professionals could stay connected regardless of the physical traveling restrictions.

    You can find all the information about the event and the cost of participation fees on the official NEM Dubrovnik 2022 site.