EKOFILM will present 25 documentaries from 15 countries. Most of the films are from the Czech Republic and Germany.

    CZECH REPUBLIC/Brno - The EKOFILM dramaturgy team has selected the top 25 films in competition from a total of 243 entries. The festival jury will award the best films in the sections Beauty of Nature, Central European Films and Short Films. Any of the films in competition can then win one of the other awards - the Main Award of the Minister of the Environment for the best film and the President's Award of the Festival. The festival will take place from 12 to 15 October in Brno, and we are already revealing the programme and opening bookings for individual screenings on the website www.ekofilm.cz.

    From the original 243 films submitted to this year's EKOFILM International Film Festival, the jury selected the short list. Twenty-five documentaries have been selected on the shortlist, with the leitmotif of CLIMATE AND ITS CHANGE. The international jurywill decide which of these films will succeed in one of the announced sections.

    For several consecutive years now, after viewing the submitted films and closing the selection, we have commented on the competition sections by saying how many more films have been submitted that address specific environmental problems, causes and, above all, solutions. Ecology and the climate crisis is a social issue that is reflected in the final selection of films in the competition sections. This year, films about human responsibility and the need to actively enter the game will also compete for the awards, the selection mirrors the growing trend in world cinema to address environmental issues and to seek a common path to sustainable living on our planet, outlined the team's chief programmer Jitka Kotrlová.

    The final twenty-five entries will present the most films from Germany and the Czech Republic. These countries have four films in competition each. In addition, Germany will present one more documentary co-produced with Hungary. Two films were made in Austria. The other eleven documentaries in competition come from the UK, Iran, Finland, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium, and one each from Chile and Canada.

    Although the films were shot across different continents, viewers need not worry about the language barrier. The films will always be subtitled in both Czech and English.

    The twenty-five selected films will be recognized in three categories - Beauty of Nature, Central European Films and Short Films. Films from the first mentioned section bring to the big screen the diversity of our nature from different parts of the world as well as current social issues. They also draw attention to the fact that we must pay attention to nature in order to pass on its beauty to the next generation. The Central European competition focuses on themes that weigh on the minds of Central European filmmakers, but it does not only present local issues, but often turns to the world as well. This year's films show that the interest and commitment of individuals is a major factor in changing the way we think about our planet. Even though it is often a very thorny path, a positive approach helps to find meaningful solutions and can have an impact on the running of the whole society, adds Jitka Kotrlová.

    The section of short films brings a variety of perspectives on environmental issues from all corners of the world - from Chile to the Netherlands, the Czech Republic to Australia.

    The Festival President's Prize and, in particular, the Main Prize of the Festival of the Minister of the Environment will also be awarded. In addition to the awards, the winning films this year will split a sum of approximately US$3,350.

    The end of the festival, Saturday15 October, will see the non-competitive Swiss-German-Georgian film The Tamed Garden at the Scala Cinema. Apart from this cinema, the other films and the accompanying programme, including concerts, talks, premieres, workshops for children and more, will also take place in the Social Centre of the Brno City Centre and in ECODOME on Svobody Square.

    You can find the full programme and reservations now at www.ekofilm.cz.