Check out the titles of Works in Progress titles presented at Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event

    Altogether, 13 films in production or post-production, looking for sales agents or festivals for international premiers, will be presented at Baltic Event Works in Progress and International Works in Progress showcases during Industry@Tallinn &; Baltic Event in 2023.

    The projects taking part in Works in Progress will be presented on 16-17 November 2023 at Coca-Cola Plaza cinema halls.

    International Works in Progress

    International Works in Progress showcases five projects including captivating stories worldwide. Traveler-filmmaker Philippe Prouff presents his first feature film, a road movie Truth or Consequences, following a delusional French author in New Mexico. A co-production of Chile, United Kingdom and France, the drama After the Fog, written and directed by Miriam Heard, a German-British filmmaker residing in Chile, takes the audience to witness the intimate and personal experiences of individuals confronted during epochal events in Chile in 1988. Director and writer Liliana Torres will return to Tallinn with a Spanish dramedy Mamífera, exploring womanhood and motherhood. Bulgarian drama The Platform by Nikolay Moutaftchiev follows the story of stateless young refugees. A co-production of Montenegro, Serbia, and Germany, titled The Tower of Strength, directed by Nikola Vukcevic, tells the story of a Muslim hero who selflessly sacrifices everything to save an innocent Christian child.

    Baltic Event Works in Progress

    In 2023 Baltic Event Works in Progress will present eight titles, including first features and new projects by award-winning directors.
    Latvia is represented at the showcase with four projects, including a first feature film by an award-winning editor, Armands Zacs Youth Eternal, which tells a story about a group of millennials finding themselves on a wild journey of self-discovery. Escape Net follows the tale of Dzidra Karamiseva, the first Latvian basketball player in the USSR team, directed by Dzintars Dreibergs; a dramedy Impressions by award-winning Alise Zarina focuses on the absence of fathers and its effect on their children. Award-winning Latvian director Dāvis Sīmanis presents a powerful historical drama based on the true story of well-known actress Maria Leiko titled Maria's Silence.

    Lithuania is represented in this year's showcase with one title, Southern Chronicles, a drama by Lithuania director Ignas Miškinis that follows the story of 17-year-old Rimants as he falls in love with Monika.

    A director-tandem from Estonia, Andres Maimik and Rain Tolk, who have previously joint-directed three feature films, enter the competition with a dramedy Aurora. The selection from Estonia also includes Love and Life, a first feature film by Helen Takkin, an established short format director, and Rolling Papers by Meel Paliale.

    Baltic Event Works in Progress and international Works in Progress jury includes Yohann Comte, Charades, France; Nadine Rothschild, Co-production Office, France; and TJ Smith, Tubi, USA. The best projects both in the Baltic and International Works in Progress, will be granted 7000 euros, consisting of 6000 euros worth of services by Studio Beep, together with 1000 euros travel allowance.

    The third showcase at Works in Progress at Industry@Tallinn &; Baltic Event, Just Film Works in Progress, presenting children and youth film projects, includes five projects. Read more here

    International Works in Progress projects:
    Title: After the Fog
    Original title: Después de la niebla
    Countries: Chile, United Kingdom, France
    Genre: drama
    Written by: Miriam Heard
    Directed by: Miriam Heard
    Produced by: Miriam Heard, Dominique Rammsy, Stephanie Douet, Anna Holburn
    Production company: Echo Art Films
    Language: Spanish

    Title: Mamífera
    Original title: Mamífera
    Country: Spain
    Genre: dramedy
    Written by: Liliana Torres
    Directed by: Liliana Torres
    Produced by: Carla Sopedra Salvadó, Miriam Porté
    Production company: Edna Cinema, Distinto Films
    Language: Catalan, Spanish

    Title: The Platform
    Original title: Платформата
    Country: Bulgaria
    Genre: drama
    Written by: Nikolay Mutafchiev, Bogdan Rusev
    Directed by: Nikolay Moutaftchiev
    Produced by: Mira Boyadzhieva, Lubomira Stoyanova
    Co-produced by: Nikolay Mutafchiev
    Production companies: Samsara, PREMIERstudio Plus
    Language: English

    Title: The Tower of Strength
    Original title: Obraz
    Country: Montenegro, Serbia, Germany
    Genre: drama, history
    Written by: Melina Pota Koljevic, Ana Vujadinovic
    Directed by: Nikola Vukcevic
    Produced by: Milorad Radenovic
    Co-produced by: Nevena Savic, Ivica Vidanovic, Christoph Thoke
    Associate producer: Dario Domitrovic
    Production company: Galileo Production
    Co-production: Embrio production, Croatia
    Language: Montenegrin and Albanian

    Title: Truth or Consequences
    Original title: Truth or Consequences
    Country: France
    Genre: road movie
    Written by: Philippe Prouff
    Directed by: Philippe Prouff
    Produced by: Xavier Arias
    Production company: Walter Films
    Language: French

    Baltic Event Works in Progress projects:
    Title: Aurora
    Original title: Aurora
    Country: Estonia
    Genre: Dramedy
    Written by: Rain Tolk, Andres Maimik
    Directed by: Rain Tolk, Andres Maimik
    Produced by: Madis Tüür
    Production company: Kuukulgur Film
    Language: Estonian

    Title: Escape Net
    Original title: Tīklā. TTT leģendas dzimšana
    Country: Latvia
    Genre: drama, sport, biographical, period/historical, political, women
    Written by: Dzintars Dreibergs, Clara Royer, Ligita Lukstraupe
    Directed by: Dzintars Dreibergs
    Produced by: Inga Pranevska, Marta Romanova-Jekabsone, Arta Giga, Dzintars Dreibergs
    Production company: Kultfilma
    Language: Latvian, Russian, miscellaneous

    Title: Impressions
    Original title:  Nospiedumi
    Country:  Latvia
    Genre: Dramedy
    Written by: Alise Zarina
    Directed by: Alise Zarina
    Produced by: Alise Rogule
    Production company: Mima Films

    Title: Life and Love
    Original title: Elu ja armastus
    Country: Estonia
    Genre: drama
    Written by: Martin Algus
    Directed by: Helen Takkin
    Produced by: Kristian Taska, Adeele Tähemaa
    Co-produced by: Tanel Tatter, Veiko Esken
    Production company: Taska Film
    Co-production company: Apollo Film Productions

    Title: Maria's Silence
    Original title: Marijas klusums
    Country: Latvia, Lithuania
    Genre: drama
    Written by: Dāvis Sīmanis, Magali Negroni
    Directed by: Dāvis Sīmanis
    Produced by: Gints Grūbe
    Co-produced by: Juste Michailinaite
    Production company: Mistrus Media
    Co-Production company: Broom Films

    Title: Rolling Papers
    Original title: Pikad paberid
    Country: Estonia
    Genre: coming of age
    Written by: Meel Paliale, Urmet Piiling
    Directed by: Meel Paliale
    Produced by: Tõnu Hiielaid, Rain Rannu, Urmet Piiling
    Production company: Tallifornia
    Language: Estonian

    Title: Southern Chronicles
    Original title: Pietinia Kronikas
    Country: Lithuania, Estonia
    Genre: comedy
    Written by: Egle Vertelyte
    Directed by: Ignas Miškinis
    Produced by: Lukas Trimonis
    Co-produced by: Esko Rips
    Production company: In Script
    Co-production company: Nafta Films
    Language: Lithuanian

    Title: Youth Eternal
    Original title: Mūžīgi jauni
    Country: Latvia
    Genre: drama, coming-of-age
    Written by: Armands Zacs
    Directed by: Armands Zacs
    Produced by: Alise Gelze
    Production company: White Picture

    Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event, taking place on 13-17 November, is a five-day summit for film and audiovisual industry professionals held during Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival. In 2023, the summit will provide a whole line of events covering the most sizzling questions in the sector.