Boro Drašković Winner of the 29th Auteur Film Festival’s Lifetime Achievement Award “View of the World: Vojislav Vučinić”

    Tribute screening of the restored version of Nostalgia, Andrei Tarkovsky’s masterpiece

    Boro Drašković is this year’s winner of the “View of the World: Vojislav Vučinić” Award, which is presented by the Auteur Film Festival for an overall contribution to the art of cinema.

    Imagery from his film Horoscope has become one of the iconic marks of the Yugoslavian Black Wave, while Drašković’s entire opus stands for fascinating artistic insight into the phenomenon of violence — which our society still does not manage to comprehend or find an answer to.

    The poster of the 29th Auteur Film Festival, designed by visual artist Dragana Krtinić, is inspired by the film Horoscope.

    Dragana Krtinić, the designer of this year’s festival poster, had this to say about the creative process: “The poster of the 29th Auteur Film Festival is inspired by Horoscope and Dragan Nikolić’s seemingly innocuous encounter with a turtle, while the drawing actually positions both of them on the tracks of an incoming train. The second selected scene that the poster refers to shows young men who count down remaining days until one of them seduces a girl. This scene is invoked by the subtle symbolism of crossed out numbers. The character of the girl becomes merely a game and the game becomes cruel. The contrast of these situations and the alarming colours warn of violence and insolent ways in which it becomes our reality. They also warn of the fact that violence tends to catch us off guard.”

    On the occasion of 40 years since the creation of Andrei Tarkovsky’s masterpiece, the Festival will present the restored version of Nostalgia in 4K resolution within the Honorary Screenings section. The film was shot in Italy and produced by TV RAI, which granted the exclusive rights for this screening.

    Considering the fact that the Yugoslav Film Archive does not own a copy of this film, this occasion will mark the first screening of Nostalgia in Belgrade since the 1984 FEST. Summing up his work on Nostalgia, Andrei Tarkovsky wrote: “In one form or another all my films have made the point that people are not alone and abandoned in an empty universe, but are linked by countless threads with the past and the future; that as each person lives his life he forges a bond with the whole world, indeed with the whole history of mankind.”

    The 29th Auteur Film Festival will be held in Belgrade from November 24 till December 1. The festival will be opened in mts Dvorana on Friday, November 24 at 7pm by Vladimir Perišić’s film Lost Country. The Festival’s main location will be mts Dvorana, while screenings will also be held at the Cultural Centre of Belgrade, Belgrade Youth Centre, Yugoslav Film Archive, Students’ City Cultural Centre and Cine Grand Rakovica.

    All festival information will be published on www.faf.rs.