How to work with music in movies for kids" webinar with Young Horizons Industry and No Problemo Music


    How do you find the right music for your video? How do you emphasise emotion with music in a film for kids? How to make the sound coherent with the image and complement what we see on the screen?  

    We will find the answers to these and other questions together with Ewa Kowalewska-Kondrat on Tuesday 21 May at 11 AM CEST during the webinar "How to work with music in movies for kids". Participation in the webinar is free of charge.

    The most active participants will have a chance to win awards.

    The "How to work with music in movies for kids" webinar focuses on how music can complement a story and highlight the emotions contained in it. Thanks to the webinar you will learn how music is built and how to match it with a video in order to create the most touching picture. The webinar will be led by Ewa Kowalewska-Kondrat - graduate of Frederic Chopin Music University and a music consultant with over 10 years of experience. The webinar is aimed at people who work or plan to work on children's films and series, including directors, producers, musicians, sound engineers, editors, film and music students and anyone interested in the role of music in film. 

    Awards for the most active participants

    At the end of the webinar there will be a Q&A session. The most active and engaged participants will have a chance to win: a free licence for music from the Audio Network library for the first project* and an online accreditation to the international co-production forum Young Horizons Industry (30.09-2.10.2024). *Based on already signed agreements, the free licence can only be granted to people from Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia or Ukraine. However the webinar is open to people from all over the world. The webinar is organised by Young Horizons Industry and No Problemo Music, second time around partner of the co-production forum for films and series for young audiences, the industry programme which accompanies the Young Horizons International Film Festival."How to work with music in movies for kids" webinar, 21.05.2024, Zoom.You can register HERE to join the webinar.


    Young Horizons IndustryYoung Horizons Industry is a co-production forum and meeting hub for film professionals who are passionate about making films and series for young audiences. It takes place every autumn as part of the Young Horizons International Film Festival in Warsaw, Poland.The goal of the forum is simple: helping creators connect with potential partners. By bringing together projects and industry players, we are creating a space where you can exchange ideas and form partnerships.Find out more No Problemo MusicWe are the music partner for your video production. We have over 15 years of experience in selecting and licensing music for films and advertisements. Our music was used to tell the most iconic stories. We are the sole representative for Poland and the Baltic States of one of the most reputable music libraries in the world - Audio Network. We have over 200 000 tracks, 1000 artists and every possible genre of music. What's most important – No Problemo is not just a company name, it's our business philosophy! We combine professionalism and experience with a laid back and friendly atmosphere.Find out more

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