The Count Of Monte Cristo To Kick Off The Second Mediterrane Film Festival Amongst An Array Of Award-Winning Industry Speakers Including Seven-Time Oscar Nominated Writer-Director Mike Leigh, Six-Time Oscar Nominated Production Designer Nathan Crowley And Two-Time Oscar Nominee Yorgos Mavropsaridis, Editor Of The Favourite, Poor Things And Kinds Of Kindness

    MALTA, Valletta, 12 June 2024 – Malta’s Mediterrane Film Festival has revealed its full film selection, together with a strong industry programme, for its upcoming second edition of the festival, taking place from 22nd June to 30th June 2024 in the capital of the island, Valletta. The programme will present 15 films in its Competition, seven Out of Competition films, including The Count of Monte Cristo, and seven films competing in its environment-themed Mare Nostrum section, topped up by 14 immersive projects selected by interactive story architect Michel Reilhac.

    Deadpool and Terminator: Dark Fate director Tim Miller has been tapped as the festival’s latest addition to its Competition jury. The festival’s Mare Nostrum jury will be made up of Cinemed Montpeiller Director and Directors’ Fortnight Managing Director Christophe LeParc; Eduardo Guillot, the Artistic Director of Mostra de Valencia; former Jerusalem Film Festival Artistic Director Elad Samorzik, Tribeca Film Festival Artistic Director Frédéric Boyer; and Istanbul International Film Festival Director Kerem Ayan.

    The immersive Future Visions selection will be judged by curator of the NXT Museum in the Netherlands, Bogomir Doringer, founder and CEO of Less Media Group Alina Mikhaleva and acclaimed UX designer and researcher Allison Crank.

    In tandem with the festival programme, Mediterrane had unveiled a series of panels and masterclasses featuring industry experts from around the world – covering topics ranging from globalisation in the entertainment industry, film circulation and co-production among Mediterranean countries and beyond, emerging storytelling trends, immersive technologies and the animation landscape, to career-specific discussions hosted by acclaimed experts in their respective fields and crafts. All sessions will centre around this year’s festival theme of ‘Unity through Film’.

    Masterclasses will be held by acclaimed editor Yorgos Mavropsaridis (Kinds of Kindness, Poor Things); renowned production designer, Nathan Crowley (Wonka, Dunkirk) the casting director Margery Simkin (Avatar, Top Gun, Mamma Mia), and distinguished composer Simon Franglen (Avatar: The Way of the Water, Ocean’s Eight). The programme will also feature a masterclass with Palme d’Or and BAFTA-winning writer-director Mike Leigh (Vera Drake, Another Year, Happy-Go-Lucky), who is being recognised with the festival’s Career Achievement Golden Bee Award and will be joined in conversation by Adrian Wootton, previous Acting Director of the British Film Institute and current Chief Executive of Film London and the British Film Commission.

    Teresa Cavina, Artistic Director of Mediterrane Film Festival, said: “The industry programme is a key tentpole of our festival offering – as we strive to foster an environment that encourages international dialogues, collaboration, and partnerships between the Mediterranean markets and beyond. As for the programme, I am very happy with the selection, a chorus of strong and harmonious voices that, through extraordinary films, gives shape to a complex and varied universe, a mirror of the reality that surrounds us, often difficult to decipher, sometimes painful, but also full of hope and capacity for renewal. From political instances to sensitive representations of the human soul, to a concern for nature, each film finds its meaning and its place. The mobile and profound ‘women gaze’ runs through all sections with an extraordinary presence of works signed by women, around 16, almost half of the film selection. The female presence is also beginning to emerge in a field, that of immersive reality, hitherto explored and created almost exclusively by men. The selection of works curated by transmedia author and Head of Studies for the Venice Biennale College, Michel Reilhac, offers an incredible, extraordinary and protean journey into an ‘elsewhere’ that intrigues and enchants, a world in which technology and creativity come together in a quest in which the horizon of the possible becomes wider every day.”

    Michel Reilhac, Future Visions Curator and also Head of Studies for the Venice Biennale College, said: “The fact that the Mediterranean festival has a dedicated section for immersive, non-gaming creative projects is a powerful sign of its commitment to explore the future of entertainment and storytelling. This new program ambitions to reflect the very best in the explosion of new talent we are witnessing today in immersive media. It positions the whole festival as one leading the way internationally, for all interested in witnessing our changing world.”

    Johann Grech, Malta Film Commissioner, added: “The Mediterrane Film Festival is a celebration of our cultural heritage and an opportunity for Malta to showcase its potential. We are thrilled to host such a diverse group of filmmakers and industry experts, and we believe this festival will further solidify Malta’s position as a hub for filmmakers.”

    The festival’s complete selection is as follows (new additions are marked with a *):


    Backstage, dir. Afef Ben Mahmoud, Khalil Benkirane

    Kinds of Kindness, dir. Yorgos Lanthimos

    Life, dir. Zeki Demirkubuz

    Meeting with Pol Pot, dir. Rithy Panh*

    Negu Hurbilak, dir. Negu Collective*

    Out of Season, dir. Stéphane Brizé*

    Palazzina Laf, dir. Michele Riondino*

    Sweet Dreams, dir. Ena Sendijarević

    The Damned, dir. Roberto Minvervini*

    The Rye Horn, dir. Jaione Camborda*

    The Strangers' Case, dir. Brandt Andersen

    The Substance, dir. Coralie Fargeat*

    To a Land Unknown, dir. Mahdi Fleifel*

    Tuesday, dir. Daina Oniunas-Pusic

    Who Do I Belong To, dir. Meryam Joobeur


    Dear Jassi, dir. Tarsem Singh

    Hunters on a White Field, dir. Sarah Gyllenstierna*

    I Saw The TV Glow, dir. Jane Schoenbrun

    The Belle from Gaza, dir. Yolande Zauberman*

    The Count of Monte Cristo, dir. Alexandre de La Patellière, Matthieu Delaporte*

    The Devil's Bath, dir. Severin Fiala, Veronika Franz

    Viet and Nam, dir. Truong Minh Quy*


    Feature-length Films:

    Hounds of War, dir. Isaac Florentine*

    Jurassic World: Dominion, extended version, dir. Colin Trevorrow*

    Minore, dir. Konstantinos Koutsoliotas*

    Short Films:

    The Ambush, dir. Fabrizio Fenech*

    Beautiful Lie, dir. Hristijan Kostovski*

    Cookie Box, dir. Adam Żurawiecki*

    I Wish I Never Existed, dir. Maria Grech, Dylan Odom*

    Morning Star, dir. Zora Balfour*

    Pirates and Slaves, dir. Danielle Proskar*

    The Well, dir. Alan Cassar*


    A New Kind of Wilderness, dir. Silje Evensmo Jacobsen*

    Life and Other Problems, dir. Max Kestner*

    Nocturnes, dir. Anirban Dutta, Anupama Srinivasan*

    One Needs a Town, dir. Francesco Conversano, Nene Grignaffini

    Shambhala, dir. Min Bahadur Bham

    The Human Hibernation, dir. Anna Cordunella Castro*

    The Last, dir. Sebastian Pena Escobar


    Alex Honnold: The Soloist, dir. Jonathan Griffith

    All that Remains, dir. Craig Quintero

    Daughters of Chibok, dir. Joel Benson

    Eggscape, dir. German Heller

    Elele, dir. Sjoerd van Acker

    Empereur, dir. Marion Burger, Ilan Cohen

    Over the Rainbow, dir. Craig Quintero

    Sen, dir. Keisuke Itoh

    Space Explorers, dir. Felix Lajeunesse

    Tales from Soda Island, dir. Simone Fougnier

    The Blu, dir. Jake Rowell

    The Imaginary Friend, dir. Steye Hallema

    Tu Vivras Mon Fils, dir. Victoria Bousis

    Wallace and Gromit, dir. Finbar Hawkins, Bram Ttwheam, Lawrence Bennett


    The Man Who Fell to Earth, dir Nicolas Roeg*

    My Way, dir. Lisa Azuelos, Thierry Teston*


    The industry programme will include the following sessions:


    Masterclasses: (in order of schedule)*

    • Building Worlds and Creating Distinct Cinematic Environments: encounter with Nathan Crowley, the renowned production designer whose illustrious career boasts seven Academy Award nominations for his collaborations with director Christopher Nolan on iconic films such as 'The Prestige,' 'The Dark Knight,' 'Interstellar,' 'Dunkirk,' and 'Tenet.'
    • Crafting Careers and Expanding Horizons: a masterclass held by acclaimed casting director Margery Simkin
    • David Bowie: Celebrating 60 Years of Genius: helmed by British Film Commissioner Adrian Wootton who will delve into the multifaceted career and enigmatic persona of Bowie, shedding light on his evolution as an artist and his enduring influence as a master of reinvention a testament to his boundless creativity and fearless exploration.
    • The Art of Editing: Shaping Perception: encounter with Yorgos Mavropsaridis ACE, one of the greatest European editors and the trusted editor of all of Yorgos Lanthimos’ films.
    • Unveiling the Filmmaking of Mike Leigh, OBE: encounter with the award-winning filmmaker Mike Leigh, OBE, who will share insights into his unique approach to filmmaking, characterized by a distinctive style of realism and authenticity.
    • Harmonizing Story and Sound: with renowned composer Simon Franglen. Through this masterclass, Franglen, celebrated for his work on blockbusters like "Avatar: The Way of Water" and "Titanic," unveils the alchemy behind crafting unforgettable cinematic scores.

    Panels: (in order of schedule) 

    • Europe Facing Mediterranean Sea: Common Roots For A Cultural Challenge: The region's rich history combines cultures, sharing similarities due to geography and differences due to background. Understanding these roots is key. Can Europe use its tools to revitalize the Mediterranean as a cultural melting pot? This panel will present an open dialogue between politicians and technicians, between creators and builders of culture to imagine a different scene in which culture, cinema, storytelling, ideas are the ideal fertilizer for a different future
    • Script To Screen: A round table discussing delving into the creative, practical, and commercial aspects of original scripts and adaptive screenplays and their respective approaches, offering insights and experiences from industry professionals.
    • Decoding the Dynamics of Film Circulation: The delicate balance between artistic vision and commercial success underscores the intricate interplay between selling and buying, marketing, and creativity in the realm of film distribution and consumption. Where does the audience fit in? How do these dynamics significantly impact how works circulate within the contemporary media landscape?
    • Fostering Collaboration: Co-production Dynamics in the Mediterranean and Beyond: In the Mediterranean region, understanding available co-production support and navigating the complexities of collaborative ventures is crucial. As the local film sector is enhanced, several pertinent questions arise, including around the role of governments, funding support and the role of national film festivals. Addressing these is essential for shaping the future of storytelling and nurturing collaborative efforts in the Mediterranean and beyond.
    • Exploring Storytelling Trends: Amidst an evolving landscape, creators find themselves walking a tightrope, aiming to both captivate and resonate with audiences while staying attuned to shifting tastes. How do their creative decisions and adherence to genre norms propel storytelling forward in this dynamic media landscape? How do creators harness this power to craft narratives that deeply engage audiences?
    • National Screen Tourism Conference: Screen Tourism’ can take many forms, including site visits, film-themed attractions, film itineraries, film festivals and conferences. Join Malta’s first National Screen Tourism conference as key experts give insights into other countries’ success stories while others will highlight the challenges, opportunities and threats that come with successful Screen Tourism campaigns.
    • Navigating the Next Spatial Frontier of Storytelling: VR, AR, MR, and Spatial Computing: Advancements in spatial audio, immersive experiences, virtual reality and augment reality technology are reshaping storytelling within the metaverse. What challenges and obstacles do creators face in crafting content for emerging technologies and ensuring compelling and coherent storytelling across various platforms?
    • Animating the Future: Technological Innovations within the Mediterranean Ecosystem and beyond: The technological advancements in the animation industry serve not only to break down barriers but also to foster interconnectedness within a global ecosystem. How can animators from diverse cultural backgrounds collaborate to shape the narratives and animation styles of tomorrow? By harnessing the power of both technology and their cultural diversity, animators can revolutionise the animation landscape.

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    About Mediterrane Film Festival  

    The Mediterrane Film Festival is a celebration of film and creativity that brings together the best of the Mediterranean region and beyond. Established in 2023, the annual event takes place in the beautiful islands of Malta and aims to unite countries to foster collaboration, opportunity, and a shared love for film.

    The festival showcases exceptional films from the region and serves as a platform for filmmakers, industry professionals, and enthusiasts to connect, exchange ideas, and create partnerships for future projects. www.mediterrane.com

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