Film festival opens in Cieszyn 28.04.2009

    Film buffs are in for a real treat as the eleventh film festival, Cinema on the Border, kicks off in Cieszyn, a small town on the Polish-Czech border.

    The event will feature screenings of Polish, Czech, Slovakian and Hungarian productions, alongside numerous concerts and exhibitions. Yet the biggest highlight of the event are the so-called ‘cross-border projections', says head of the festival, Jolanta Dygoś: "We'll be screening two movies across Olza; first, a Slovakian production entitled Music and on the second day - a Czech production entitled Ostrich. The idea is that the audience and the projector will be located on the Czech bank of the river, while the screen will be set up on the Polish side. It is a distance of about 60 meters, and so this poses a serious logistical challenge."

    The festival will open with Juraj Lehotski's movie entitled Blind Love. Film screenings will be held both on the Polish and Czech sides of the border. The event is scheduled to last until 3 May.

    Last modified on 29-04-2009