Karlovy Vary East of the West: Low Lights

    Lithuanian director Ignas Miškinis' second feature film Low Lights (Artimos šviesos), makes its international premiere in the East of the West competition at the 44th International Karlovy Vary Film Festival.
    The film has already won the Silver Crane award for best feature film in Lithuania, though the Lithuanian release of the movie has yet to take place; it's planned for the end of October or beginning of November, 2009.

    Low Lights was produced by the film production companies TREMORA (Lithuania) (www.tremora.com) and DAGSTAR FILM (Germany) (www.dagstarfilm.de).

    Film producer Ieva Norviliene produced and distributed Ignas Miškinis' short film Easily and Sweetly (2003) and Miškinis' first feature film Diringas (2006). Following their successful collaboration, they founded their own production and distribution company Tremora in 2005.

    Low Lights was first Lithuanian film project which received a grant from European Cinema Support fund EURIMAGES, which supplied the film with €160,000 in funding. Filmstiftung NRW" (Germany) (www.filmstiftung.de) commited €250, 000. The Lithuanian Ministry of Culture (www.muza.lt) sponsored some €406,000. DFFF fund (Germany) is committed to €111,000. The entire film budget amounted to €1.2 million.

    The shooting of the film started September 8 and lasted through October 14, 2008. The film was shot at Vilnius and Köln on 35 mm camera.The film is distributed by sales company MEDIA LUNA NEW FILMS (www.medialuna-entertainment.de); ACME FILM (in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia) (www.acmefilm.com) and 3L (in Germany).

    Prior to Low Lights, Miškinis (b. 1978, Vilnius) directed several short films and worked for the Lithuanian television station LNK. In 2006 he made his debut with the black comedy Diringas, which was favourably received by domestic audiences. Low Lights is his

    second feature film.

    Low Lights is an urban road movie about two men and a woman allied by one night car trip in the city streets. A chance encounter between former classmate leads to an unexpected mid-night meeting with a mystery woman who turns out to be the wife of one of the men.

    "This is a story of people doomed for loneliness, trapped by the routine of a modern city life, longing for closeness, romance and sincerity. Made-up night driving rituals provoke to create a new universe. The banal and familiar maze of streets re-emerges with fresh unworn sensations, warm and human. Their night journey is short as a blink of an eye, yet it allows diving into adventures not yet unexperienced, discovering forgotten love and hope... be it just for one short summer night," says the director.

    The film stars actors: Dainius Gavenonis, Julia Maria Köhler, Jonas Antanelis.

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