Festivals: Hungarian films in Chicago

    Four Hungarian films will be screened at the Chicago film festival, taking place through October 22.

    Péter Gárdos' new film, The Prank (Tréfa www.trefa-mozifilm.hu ) is competing for the Golden Hugo. The Prank was awarded in the 40th Hungarian Film Festival (Filmszemle) for best direction. The story is about cruel life in a religious school. The film will compete in a field of 14 films.


    Lost Times (Utolsó idők) by Áron Mátyássy, the winner of the Golden Reel for the best film in the 40th Filmszemle, is competing for the prize for the best debut film. Mátyássy is going to Chicago with his wife Teréz Vass, who plays the main role in the movie.

    Bálint Kenyeres' The History of Aviation (A repülés története) is competing in the short film section.

    Gergely Fonyó's Made in Hungaria (www.madeinhungaria.hu ) will be introduced in the World Cinema section. The film is a smart rock and roll musical about a famous Hungarian band. The director will accompany his movie to Chicago.

    Last modified on 29-11-2009