Sofia International Film Festival is now

    The leading Bulgarian film event was accredited by FIAPF as a ‘competitive festival specialized in first and second films'!

    FIAPF (International Federation of Film Producers Associations) is the only organisation of film and television producers with a global reach. FIAPF's members are 24 producers organized from 21 countries on five continents. The organization's mandate is to represent the economic, legal and regulatory interests which film and TV production industries in the five continents have in common.

    FIAPF, besides being an advocate for producers, is also a regulator of international film festivals, including some of the world's most significant ones. With its accreditation programme for international film festivals, FIAPF grants a quality label to the festivals that commit themselves to respect the high quality standards defined by the producers community gathered within FIAPF. The FIAPF accreditation programme is a trust contract between the film business and the festivals which depend on their cooperation for their prestige and economic impact.

    FIAPF gives accreditation to international festivals in four groups: competitive feature film festivals, competitive specialized feature film festivals, non-competitive feature film festivals and documentary and short film festivals. In total, there are 49 festivals recognized by FIAPF. Sofia IFF was accredited as a competitive specialized feature film festival together with Pusan, Sarajevo, Thessaloniki and other events.

    Sofia IFF is the only Bulgarian film festival recognized by FIAPF since the International Red Cross Film Festival which ended in the 80s. This is further proof of the international development and recognition of Bulgarian cinema for the last decade and the serious achievements made by the whole festival team. It is a deserved gift for the Year of Bulgarian Cinema and the 10 Year anniversary of Sofia as an international film festival.

    "To be recognized by FIAPF is like playing in the World Championship of Film", says the festival director Stefan Kitanov. "Bulgaria didn't make it in football this year, but after a nomination of a Bulgarian film in the Oscars' shortlist, now a Bulgarian festival will play in the world league. That's part of the good news that Bulgaria brings to the world. Cheer up! The festival's coming to you."

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