m-appeal`s THE LAST SUMMER OF THE BOYITA scores in Sofia and Cartagena

    Julia Solomonoff's second feature film THE LAST SUMMER OF THE BOYITA has won the Special Jury Award at this year's Sofia International Film Festival.

    At Cartagena IFF the film has also won the Special Jury Price as well as the award for Best Supporting Acress (Mirella Pascual) and Best Photography.

    THE LAST SUMMER OF THE BOYITA, produced by Traversia Producciones S.A., Julia Solomonoff, Domenica Films S.R.L. inco-production with El Deseo and Epicentre Films, is the story of the Boyita, a caravan being a magical hiding place, a refuge for Jorgelina, a curious little girl on the passage from childhood to adolescence. Going on holiday to the countryside with her father, she meets Mario, who has already started working on his family's

    ranch. One day, returning from a horse ride, she discovers bloodstain on Mario´s saddle and another one on his trousers. Jorgelina tries to understand, but Mario, ashamed and insecure, has no clue of why he is not like the other boys. This revelation, instead of separating them, brings the two friends even closer together...

    THE LAST SUMMER OF THE BOYITA is the latest acquisition in the row of Latin American films in m-appeal's line-up.

    THE LAST SUMMER OF THE BOYITA had been world premiered at BAFICI 2009.

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