The final session of the 4th edition of ScripTeast is held at IFF Cannes, 13th - 20th of May.

    This session completes current edition of ScripTeast, the innovatory training program designed for experienced scriptwriters from Eastern Europe.

    The final session focuses on the promotion scripts among the best international filmmakers, meetings of participants with the producers, distributors and the film funds representatives. Thanks to cooperation with Producers Network and ACE, ScripTeast participants will have a unique chance to present their projects within the group of best producers.
    The projects participating in the program are competing for the Krzysztof Kieslowski ScripTeast Award, to be presented on Wednesday, the 19th of May at Plage des Palmes.
    The winning script will be chosen by the members of the Advisory Board: Sandy Lieberson, Chairman of Film London, Advisor of Berlin Talent Campus, Antonio Saura, producer of ie: „Fados", „Salome", co-founder of distribution company, Latido Films, Manfred Schmidt Head of Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung GmbH and Dariusz Jablonski, Artistic Director of ScripTeast and also ScripTeast Heads of Studies: Christian Routh, long-term Director at the Media backed European Script Fund and Tom Abrams, professor of University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts, script expert, scriptwriter, director, scriptwriter of Oscar-nominated film "Shoeshine".
    Here are the projects competing for the Award this year:
    AURORA, Kristina Buožytė and Bruno Samper (Lithuania)
    BREAKING NEWS, Ana Agopian and Iulia Rugina (Romania)
    BURNED, Hanna Slak (Slovenia)
    HOW TO MAKE FRIENDS, Gábor Ferenczi and Can Togay (Hungary)
    MEMORIES OF MY HEART, Irena Hejdová (Czech Republic)
    POLYSTYRENE, Zuzana Belková (Slovakia)
    RADIOGRAM, Rouzie Hassanova (Bulgaria)
    RETURN, Maciej Pieprzyca (Poland)
    RIDERS, Janis Vingris (Latvia)
    THE DAY OF CHOCOLATE, Jacek Bławut (Poland)
    THE JUDGMENT, Stephan Komandarev and Marin Damyanov (Bulgaria)
    WHITE ELEPHANT, Maciej Wszelaki (Poland)
    Since September 2009, the authors have been working on the scripts with help and advise of Creative Advisors - Marc Caro, director of ie: "Delicatessen", Chris Collins, producer of ie: "My summer of love", Licia Eminenti, scrip expert, working for Media Fund, Eurimage and Arte, Robert Jones, producer of ie: "Unusul Suspects" and "Gosford Park", Joelle Levie, long-term director of Quebec division of Telefilm, Canada, Udayan Prasad, director of ie: "Opa!", "Yellow Handkerchief", Jason Resnick, fomer International Sales Director of Universal Pictures and Focus Film, Antonio Saura, producer of ie: "Fados" and "Salome", Antonin Svoboda, producer of ie: "Darwin's Nightmare" and "The Educators", director and scriptwriter.
    During the one-week ScripTeast session in Cannes, the participants will have meetings with the producers and distributors, as well as consultations with Heads of Studies. ScripTeasters have also got occasions to attend the festivals' screenings, conferences and participate in all the festival events as well as meet with experienced sales agents, producers and members of international film industry to name a few: Simon Perry from Irish Film Board, sales agents: Gabor Greiner from The Match Factory, one of the most famous sales company in Europe and Chris Nightingale from High Point who will share their knowledge and experience with scriptwriters.
    On the 15th May participant will also have an important pitching session with David Matamaros from Zentropa.
    On Wednesday 19th, early afternoon ScripTeasters will meet with Sandy Lieberson, a great figure in the international film industry, Chairman of Film London, Advisor of Berlin Talent Campus, who is also a member of Avisory Board of ScripTeast.
    The title of the winning script will be announced Wednesday 19th May at 5 p.m. at the ceremony which will take place at Plage des Palmes, a venue belonging to the Festival Palace.
    ScripTeast is organized by Independent Film Foundation, with the support of Media Programme of the European Union, National Center for Culture in Poland, Polish Film Institute, Apple Film Production, in co-operation with the European Film Academy, Producers Network, ACE, e-Talenta and festivals in Berlin, Cannes and Karlovy Vary.
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