50th Krakow Film Festival Highlights – the fifth day, 4th of June 2010

    11am - 'Focus on Israel' Conference, The International Cultural Centre, „Pod Kruki" Hall

    A meeting with Israeli filmmakers, producers and festival directors, devoted to, among others, the discussion about the possibility of Polish-Israeli co-production.

    The guests are: Riky Zaks, the vice-director general and producer of The New Israeli Foundation for Cinema and TV, a photographer and a journalist, Orna Yarmut, an independent producer, the director of CoPro, a marketing foundation for documentary, Ruth Diskin, the director of the international marketing and distribution agency Ruth Diskin Films, Philippa Kowarsky, a film and television producer, the owner of the distribution and co-production agency Cinephil, Nati Baratz, a director, producer and scriptwriter, a member of the Jury at the 50th KFF, Barak Heymann, a director and producer, Heymann Brothers Films, Ilana Tsur, Director DocAviv

    12pm - a screenings of films from the Short matters! Cycle (European Film Academy Short Film Nominees 2009 on Tour), KINO POD BARANAMI, Red Auditorium

    Screening includes:

    Sinner (Grzesznik), dir. Meni Philip
    Between Dreams (Pomiędzy snami), dir. Iris Olsson
    Good Night (Dobranoc), dir. Valery Rosier
    The Sufferings of Mr Karpf - the Birthday (Cierpienia pana Karpfa - urodziny), dir. Lola Rand
    14, dir. Asitha Ameresekere
    Szklana pułapka, dir. Paweł Ferdek
    The Herd (Stado), dir. Ken Wardop

    12.30pm - a screening of films from the Short Film Competition, KIJÓW.CENTRUM

    Q&A with filmmakers after the screening:

    Asaf Saban (On Leave)
    Alex Campos (To Meet You)
    Bert & Bertie (The Taxidermist)
    Lewis Arnold (Stained)

    The Trailer:

    The Taxidermist: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_CUNDUEDec

    4.30pm - a screening of a film from the Focus on Israel cycle "Diplomat" dir. Diana Goren, ARS Aneks

    Plot: Hotel "Diplomat" was built as one of the most luxurious hotels in Jerusalem. At the beginning of 1990s, the Israeli government, in reply to the mass migration of people from the areas of the former Soviet Union, renamed it as the temporary adaptation centre.

    The Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fe7-prFS6g4&feature=player_embedded

    6pm - a screening of films form the National Competition and the Short Film Competition, KIJÓW.CENTRUM

    Q&A with filmmakers after the screening:

    Bartek Kulas (Millhaven)
    Katarzyna Klimkiewicz (Hanoi-Warsaw)
    Tomasz Wolski (H2O)
    Jakub Stożek (Out of Reach/Poza zasięgiem)
    Marta Staniszewska (The Kinematograph/Kinematograf)
    Paweł Łoziński (Inventory/Inwentaryzacja)

    The Trailers:

    Hanoi-Warsaw: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FEolnikfpg
    H2O: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDTHx8AFkzA

    9pm - a screening of a film from the Documentary Competition "North from Calabria" dir. Marcin Sauter, KIJÓW.CENTRUM

    Q&A with the filmmaker after the screening

    Plot: A Silesian town from Sauter's film is a half-real and half-fiction place invented by a film crew and actors who, entering the town's real residents' stream of life, provoke a variety of situations and events. The result is a witty film happening.

    10pm - a screening of a film from the Sound of Music cycle ‘Master Class Opera' dir. Olivia Hagemann, KINO POD BARANAMI, Red Auditorium

    Plot: Only seven from over 500 young talented singers from all over the world were chosen to the so-called Master Class, run by Kent Nagano, the main music director of the Bavarian State Opera.