FNE at Cannes 2016: Aktis Film Boards Komandarev’s Compatibility

    Director Stephan Komandarev Director Stephan Komandarev

    CANNES: Bulgarian director Stephan Komandarev’s new project Compatibility is set to go into production in November of this year after Germany’s Aktis Film Production agreed to coproduce the project together with Bulgaria’s Argo Film.

    Aktis helmer Stetios Ziannis said he heard the project pitched at the Baltic Event last November in Tallinn and wanted to join the project. “I knew Kommandarev’s The Judgement and liked it, so when I heard about Compatibility I knew we wanted to back the film,” said Ziannis, “but we had to apply first to the Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung-MDM for funding before we could greenlight our participation.”

    MDM agreed to back the half million EUR project just before Cannes and Ziannis said that the project will also apply to Eurimages and is in discussions with a possible Madedonian coproducer as well. The production has already won funding from the Bulgarian National Film Centre.

    The film will span 24 hours in Sofia telling the stories about the fates of people in the city through the eyes of taxi drivers and their clients.