Croatian box office success to open in Bosnia and Lithuania

By Iulia Blaga

    {mosimage}ZAGREB: Croatian director Daniel Kušan's hit film for children Koko and the Ghosts and is hitting the cinemas in Bosnia in 19 January and in Lithuania in 27 January 2012.

    Continental film (www.continental-film.hr ), launched the film in Croatia in 13 copies and the film had a record breaking 76,108 admissions. Koko and the Ghosts will be distributed in Bosnia by Obala Art Center and in Lithuania by Kino Centras Garsas (www.garsas.lt ), the producer Ankica Juric Tilic told FNE, adding that the smaller towns will have Blue Ray distribution.

    "The main reason for our success was the quality of the film and the action adventure and detective story. We definitely filmed it with respect towards the young audience. The other reason is the lack of films for children on the Croatian market and the fact that the script was based on a popular novel for children, written by Ivan Kusan", Ankica Juric Tilic told FNE.

    However, the producers cannot foretell the success of the film in Bosnia and Lithuania, where the book is not as popular. "The promotion won't be as strong as it was in Croatia, but I believe that our distributors will do their best to present our film to their audience", says Ankica Juric Tilic.

    Made with a budget of 900,000 Euro and produced by Kinorama (www.kinorama.hr) and the Croatian Radiotelevision (www.hrt.hr), Koko and the Ghosts is a detective story involving a 12 year old hero played by Antonio Parac. Ivan Kušan and Daniel Kušan wrote the script. The project was supported by the MEDIA Program 2007 (http://ec.europa.eu/culture/media/index_en.htm).

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    Director: Daniel Kušan

    Script: Ivan Kušan

    Daniel Kušan

    DOP: Mario Sablic

    Cast: Antonio Parac

    Nina Mileta

    Kristian Bonacic

    Filip Mayer

    Ivan Maltaric