FNE at Zagreb FF 2012: Everybody in Our Family Wins Zagreb Fest

    FNE at Zagreb FF 2012: Everybody in Our Family Wins Zagreb Fest Bane Antovic, Mihaela Sirbu, Ivan Sikavica, Shay Levi, Hana Jusic

    ZAGREB: The 10th edition of the Zagreb Film Festival (www.zagrebfilmfestival.com,14-21 October 2012) awarded over 7,000 EUR in prizes to the winners of its four competitions: feature, documentary, short film and Checkers (local short films).

    The Golden Pram for the best feature film and an award of 4,000 EUR went to Everybody in Our Family, a Romanian-Dutch coproduction directed by Radu Jude, and produced by HiFilm Production (www.hifilm.ro) in coproduction with the Circe Films (www.circe.nl). The jury praised the film for "the intimacy with all the characters, the simplicity and the complexity of the story" and "its outstanding acting."

    The Golden Pram for the best short film and 1,000 EUR went to the Israeli film Return by Shay Levi and produced by the Minshar School Of Art (www.minshar.org.il) for "dealing with a very important issue in modern Israeli society while exploring the theme of universal human family psyche in a very mature way." A Special Mention was awarded to Bartlomiej Zmuda's The Barbican (Poland), produced by the Polish National Film School in Łódź (www.filmschool.lodz.pl), which "offered a real story with the beat and the atmosphere of a great thriller."

    In the documentary competition the Golden Pram and 1,000 EUR went to the Canadian-Serbian coproduction Slaughter Nick for President directed by Rob Stewart and produced by Slaughter Nick Productions (www.slaughternickmovie.com). The jury singled out "the absurdity of life and politics" as well as "the charm and the honesty" of the film.

    The Special Mention in the documentary competition was awarded to Tamar Tal's Life in Stills (Israel), produced by Heymann Brothers Films (www.heymannfilms.com), "a gentle and profound illustration of the relationship between a grandmother and his grandson."

    The Golden Pram for the best Croatian film in the Checkers competition (the national short films section) and 10,000 HRK (1,329 EUR)went to Hana Jušić's Terrarium, produced by the Academy of Dramatic Art, University of Zagreb (www.adu.unizg.hr), and a Special Mention went to John Sikavica's Babysitter, also produced by the Academy of Dramatic Art, University of Zagreb.

    The Zagreb festival screened 100 films in 10 programmes at six venues, including 10 features, 16 documentaries and 10 short films in the main competition programme. Additional programmes included The Great 5, My First Film: Austria, My Third Film, Michael Glawogger Retrospective, Spy Films: The Celluloid Curtain: Europe's Cold War in Films, and Bib for Kids.

    The festival also programmed a selection from the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival (www.clermont-filmfest.com), one from Rencontres Internationales Henri Langlois (www.rihl.org), masterclasses by Niels Pagh Andersen, Michael Glawogger and Peter Suschitzky, and a Microschool International based on Jules Bishop's Borrowed Time (UK).

    During the opening gala the Croatian Producers Association (HRUP, www.hrup.hr) gave its annual Albert Kapović Award for exceptional contribution to the Croatian film industry to producer Siniša Jurićić.

    The educational activies gathered under the umbrella Youth Industry! consisted of the 10th edition af Palunko Workshop, a filmmaking workshop for elementary school children, and My First Script Workshop for young directors planning their first feature films, presented by experts from Film London Microwave (www.microwave.filmlondon.org.uk) and the Croatian Film Directors Guild (www.dhfr.hr).